Wasp Control in London

Wasps Nest Removal & Wasp Control London

Do not panic if you have wasps in or around your property! Whether it is a residential or commercial problem, we can remove the wasps and their nest. Contact us now for advice on all aspects of Wasp control in London.

Help – I need wasp control in London – urgently!

Wasps are usually an issue during the summer and early autumn when they are more active. However wasps tend to only sting if their nest is in threat of being disturbed or if a wasp feels threatened itself. Wasps do not carry disease but their sting irritates and can cause major allergic reactions.

How to recognise wasps

  • Black and yellow
  • Narrow waist in middle of body
  • 10-15mm in length (worker) or 20mm (queen)
  • Two pairs of wings
  • Females have stingers at tip of abdomen

Wasps are flying insects with a characteristically yellow and black body and are probably one of the most hated British insects due to their ability to sting and their buzz.

Wasps usually make their nests underground, in trees, in cavities of buildings or in lofts.

How do I get rid of wasps?

To remove wasps safely contact a professional London wasp control and extermination company such as us. We offer bespoke wasp and wasp nest treatment plans. Contact us today for more information about removing wasps or wasp nests in London.

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