Bed Bug Removal in London

Are you getting bitten in your sleep? Then the chances are you need bed bug control London.

You can Contact us, the professionals, for bed bug control in London if you are experiencing bites through the night and finding red itchy welts on your skin in the morning.

What are bed bugs?

  • 5-7 mm in length: adults
  • 1-5mm in length: hatchlings
  • Oval shape
  • Colour range from white to light brown, dark brown and burnt orange
  • Wingless

Bed bugs are wingless insects that feed on fresh blood from warm-blooded animals, such as humans. The bed bug can be classified as a nest parasite as they form nests and are parasitic in nature.

Bed bugs seek out humans often when they are sleeping as bed bugs often make nests near to where humans are stationary for long periods, such as when in bed at night. When bed bugs sip blood from humans they do so without inflicting pain yet long exposure to bed bug bites can cause mild to intense allergic reactions.

The most common areas that bed bugs bite are the upper part of the body (unlike fleas which often go for shins and ankles).

Bed bugs bite on the head, chest, arms, back and neck as bedbugs follow CO2 trails of warm-blooded animals to feed and the upper body is closest to where humans expel CO2.

The severity of the bedbug bites depends on an individual’s reaction to the bites; usually, bed bugs bites are described as raised bites in small groups, similar to a rash or a nettle sting. If this is happening, you should call for bed bug control London as a matter of urgency.

But I can’t see any bed bugs?

Often bed bugs leave minimal evidence of their existence due to their tiny size, flat profile and their preference in making nests in small cracks and crevices.

The more noticeable evidence of bed bugs is the spotting of faecal matter that they leave behind. The bed bug spotting is described as dried, pinprick sized, black dots and is often found on the mattress or surrounding the sleeping area.

If you can not see any insects in your London home but find small black dots on your bedding and/or are getting bitten when sleeping then call us today for advice on bedbugs in London.

How did I get bed bugs?

Bedbug infestations are spreading throughout the capital as they are easily transferable due to their small size and their preference in living in soft furnishings and clothes.

If you have bedbugs then you most likely got them when travelling abroad, commuting or receiving second hand furniture. Bedbugs can act as stowaways, living in luggage, furniture, clothing, bedding or boxes. It is also possible to get bedbugs from bedbugs migrating from a neighbouring property. Bedbugs are tiny which allows them to move between properties using voids in walls and holes in which wires travel through.

For further advice on how bedbugs are transferred then call us today!

How do I remove bed bugs?

Bed bug control in London requires professional bedbug treatments as the source of the bedbug nest has to be identified and a thorough investigation must be completed to ensure a full action plan can be created. A careful strategy is required for bedbug control as one visit is not enough to ensure that all bedbugs, hatchlings, and eggs have been removed. A full survey of your London property is required along with a full treatment of the property so effective control of the bedbug infestation can be achieved.

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We have a blog all about bedbugs for further information.

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