Squirrel Pest Control

They may be regarded as cute, furry creatures who love climbing trees and stealing food from bird seed feeders, but pest control for squirrels is sometimes necessary due to their habits and prevalence within Greater London and the UK in general.

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Moths Pest Control

pest control for moths

Moth pest control has become increasingly needed in recent years. Many people do not take the necessary steps to prevent moths from taking hold in their homes and places of work.

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Bees Pest Control

In much the same way as Wasps, Bees pest control becomes a priority for many during the springtime. It is during this period that we see Bees emerging from their hibernation during the winter to begin their seasonal habits for the summer time months.

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Wasp Pest Control

As the winter makes way for the spring, wasp pest control becomes more prominent in the minds of many. It is during the spring months that wasps begin to emerge from their winter hibernation. In the early half of spring, the queen emerges from her winter slumber to begin the task of building a nest and re-establishing a colony of wasps. It is during this time that many people begin to see an increase in wasp activity, particularly if there is a wasp nest in close proximity, and wasp pest control soon becomes a priority for those who find themselves sharing their space with a nest.

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Fleas Pest Control


Flea pest control can be a challenging task for anyone. If you have a cat or dog, you know that fleas are a constant threat to both your pet and your own health. As with any infestation, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from a recurring and troublesome infestation. It is also important to enlist the services of a distinguished pest control company as a way of controlling fleas for the long-term.

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Cockroach Infestations

With the recent spell of good weather across London, many residents and businesses would be forgiven for thinking that the infestations you usually associate with winter have subsided. However cockroach infestations are a year-round problem and it is important to be aware of their presence at any time.

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Bed Bugs Infestations

bed bug crawling on bed

As is common at this time of year, bed bugs infestations are unfortunately an issue in the winter months, and in a city such as Greater London, an all too frequent occurrence. Unsurprisingly, bed bugs infestations are more common than you may realise and due to their penchant for human blood, London provides a ready supply of food for the little blighters.

Luckily there are solutions to bed bugs infestations and with the correct pest control measures, can be eliminated efficiently. Many people are unaware of just how crafty and persistent bed bugs can be. Fortunately we have the knowledge to help you understand these little critters a little better and the tools to eliminate them quickly.

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Pest Exterminators

Pest Exterminator

When it comes to pest control in London, Pest Exterminators are the best company for all types of pest situations. With a focus on the customer and a reputation for delivering a variety of methods to tackle any pest control problem, you know that we’re the right pest control company for you. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have established a reputation that reflects our standards of service and we are recognised throughout the Greater London area and beyond.

We’re available for domestic or commercial properties and can adjust our activities for any situation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant, pub, school, care home or residential property – we can address your pest control problems and find a solution which is practical and lasting. Besides our flexibility, Pest Exterminators can offer a free quote and advice. This offers you a chance to review our expert advice and decide on a course of action which is suitable for your circumstances. We understand that everyone will have different considerations, so we like to offer our customers an opportunity to assess their options before committing to a course of action which is suitable for them.

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Urban Fox Pest Control

London fox posing danger to pets

Urban fox pest control has become a significant issue across the Greater London area in recent years. Whilst foxes have always been a part of the urban landscape, foxes have become a major source of concern for residents, businesses and councils in recent years and it appears that the trend is set to continue at a faster pace in the future. In spite of popular opinion, foxes are not designated as a pest within the United Kingdom. As a consequence, local councils are not legally obliged to deal with foxes in the same way as rodents or insects. However there are still ways to minimise the issues that foxes can sometimes cause.

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Rodent Infestation Horror Stories

london rat babies

There are plenty of rodent infestation horror stories in the press. You only need to make a quick search online to find a multitude of horrible and frankly disgusting stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or the winter, rodent infestation horror stories are good fodder for the media.

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