Pest Exterminator’s Contracts, Services and Accreditation

emergency london pest control services

When it comes to pest control, it’s highly important that you find the right company to perform the task at hand. Pest Exterminators contracts, services and accreditation are amongst the best you’ll be able to find in the Greater London area. We pride ourselves on our services and how we can help either commercial or residential properties to resolve their pest control issues.

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8 Good Reasons To get Rid Of Mice

There are many reasons to get rid of mice in your London house, and here we have 8 good reasons to get rid of your mice with this video, you might not be aware of.

If you may have been concerned about how to getting rid of mice in your home or commercial properties in London, our mouse control specialists in London can help you tackle the issue with our emergency pest removal services.

Pest Control Horror Stories

From time-to-time, you’ll probably come across pest control horror stories in the press. This isn’t a new occurrence but it reminds us that pest control problems are an everyday event but some are far more concerning than others

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How To Get Rid of Wasp Nests

yellow jacket waspWasps come in 2 different versions, Hornets and Yellow Jackets.

Hornets are more aggressive than Yellow Jackets.

They are quite useful in the wild and in your garden because they eat flies and dead insects, and are natural pest control.

But as great as they are, wasps are an angry bunch and can become a nuisance if they nest too close to your home.

They are predatory by nature and are at their most aggressive near the end of the summer when it is hot.

The biggest threat is that the wasp nest gets disturbed and that they see you as a threat to their colony.

Wasps release a pheromone that alarms the rest of the colony to attack.

This can happen whenever a wasp feels threatened not just when they sting you.

Their other threat is wasps stinging people who are allergic.

So take precautions and don’t go too close to a wasps nest and try not to anger a wasp.

But Remember Don’t Swat a Wasp!

Swatting wasps is not a good idea because when a wasp is threatened, squished or attacked it will release a chemical pheromone that brings its buddies to come help it out.

The best thing to do is to walk away.

Preventing Wasps From Building a Nest

If you see a wasp in your home buzzing around, this may be a sign that their is a nest nearby.

So you may want to check around to see if you can find it.

You then also want to seal off any entry points that a wasp could use to get into your home.

This includes any unsealed vents, little gaps in doors and around your windows.

Hang a Fake Wasp Nest Up

Wasps are very territorial so they generally don’t like to build a nest too near to other wasps.

So this means if you hang a fake nest up outside your home or in your garden, wasps will make their nest further away.

You can get a fake wasp nest on eBay.

Clean Up Food Sources

Wasps like to eat flies so they like to eat meat, so make sure that you don’t leave any open food sources about.

This includes pet food cans, open bins, and any other food containers you may have.

However, in the late summer, they like sweet food with sugar in which is why you see them buzzing around your cans of pop.

So make sure to remove any sweet food sources.

Get a Wasp Trap

Wasp traps can be quite effective when used in early spring because the wasps flying about will be mostly Queens.

So if you get rid of them before they can build a nest then you will save yourself a lot of hassle later in the year.

Each Queen wasp could have upto 1000 wasps in her nest, so you can see that doing this one thing early in the year can make a big difference.

If you like you could make it yourself from a plastic bottle and some sugar water (just remember to empty it each day) – Click here for instructions.

Or you can buy a wasp trap from Amazon.

Use Peppermint Essential Oil

Wasps don’t like the smell of mint, and studies have shown that peppermint oil is a great repellent for wasps.

So you can get some peppermint oil or spearmint oil and put a few drops around your home and garden where wasps may build a nest.

This will stop wasps building nests in the same locations as the year before.

How To Remove a Wasp Nest

It is dangerous to remove a wasp nest and we recommend you find an experienced pest controller who has all the right tools to do the job.

If you are doing it yourself make sure you are not allergic and that you wear protective clothing.

Spray Soap and Water

Simply get a spray bottle and fill it with water and add a few tablespoons of fairy liquid.

Then in the evening or at night when the wasps are the most calm you will want to spray at the nest.

The way it works is the soap clogs the breathing so they die almost instantly.

If you have a larger nest you may want to use the garden hose again with some soap, just make sure to stand well back for your safety.

Call a Wasp Nest Removal Company

If you don’t want to tackle it yourself then you should call a wasp nest removal expert.

If you have a wasp problem in London then give us a call.

If you are outside of London then here are some of our friends

Stop That Pest

Aman Pest Control

Direct Pest Control

Caterpillar Pest Control Treatments


You may be inclined to think of caterpillars as a more rural or agricultural pest control issue but it has become increasingly common in recent years for caterpillar pest control to be deployed in the Greater London area.

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How To Get Rid of Mice?


Are you looking for how to get rid of mice? –

We have made this infographic about mice pest control, you will see how.

How To Get Rid of Mice

Finding unwanted mice in your home or finding mice at your business can cause quite the scare.

Knowing where the mice came from is crucial to keeping them out and preventing them from coming back.

Mice Are Everywhere

Common house mice seem to be harmless, but they pose a big threat to homes and businesses.

Where do the mice hide?

House mice prefer undisturbed, warm dry places near food and water. Hiding place like kitchen cabinets, basements and garages are typical places they like to hide.

What are they looking for?

When mice make their way into your home or business, they are seeking shelter. Rodents will also scour your home in search of food and water

Along the way, they will leave droppings and urine that can contaminate everything along their path.

How do mice get inside?

Mice can jump up to 12 inches. They are good climbers and can travel on surfaces like walls and pipes to enter the building.

The lifespan of house mice

House mice can live for over 1 year and sometimes up to 3 years in a house and they generally mate when they are 6 to 10 weeks old.

How do you keep mice out?

The most effective way to keep mice away from entering your home is to eliminate all possible entry point.

There are two primary mice extermination tactics which are baits and traps.

However, these strategies require special care when there are children and pets in your home.

You can reduce the mice population by keeping your pet food sealed in tight jars and keep tight-fitting lids on all your bins.

Remove clutter such as paper and cardboard because mice like to use these to build their nests.

Noticed any signs of mice?

If you have seen signs like droppings, gnaw marks then you may need to call a mouse control exterminator.

Contact Pest Control in London.


Rodent Infestation Horror Stories

london rat babies

There are plenty of rodent infestation horror stories in the press. You only need to make a quick search online to find a multitude of horrible and frankly disgusting stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or the winter, rodent infestation horror stories are good fodder for the media.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatments

bed bug size

You may have seen bed bugs feature in media reports and blogs. They are an ever-present threat in the pest control field and many people do not realize how prevalent they are.

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Squirrel Pest Control


They may be regarded as cute, furry creatures who love climbing trees and stealing food from bird seed feeders, but pest control for squirrels is sometimes necessary due to their habits and prevalence within Greater London and the UK in general.

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Moths Pest Control


Moth pest control has become increasingly needed in recent years. Many people do not take the necessary steps to prevent moths from taking hold in their homes and places of work.

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