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Are you situated in the West London area? Are you experiencing pest control issues? Looking for expert assistance? If you are then here at Pest Control West London we can help.

Here at Pest Exterminators, we are able to help you deal with any pest issues that you are having. We’re on hand 24/7 to help with any pest problem.

With 25 years’ of experience in dealing with pest control issues, we can give you advice and help to make sure you’re protected from any pest issues. Pest control issues need to be solved immediately to make sure that the situation does not get worse.

If you have suddenly found a hornet’s nest living in your attic or a rat infestation in your kitchen these infestations need to be dealt with straight away so the problem does not become a much bigger issue in the near future. Pest control staff here in West London are on hand in emergency situations, once we have evaluated your particular pest related problem, we can quickly find a solution.

Our Pest Control service based in West London can deal with your enquiry quickly being able to balance our visits around your busy lifestyle. All our technicians are fully industry qualified and highly experienced so will quickly find solutions for every problem they come into contact with.

Safety is our number one concern, being able to protect your family and your property, making sure that everyone in contact with the area is protected. Before we arrive at your West London premises we offer advice about how to prepare yourself for our visit.

Our qualified Pest Control technicians have been able to tackle every problem they have been faced with. No problem is ever too big for our technicians to deal with, making sure that you have the best solution and advice for your pest control issue.

Common Pest Problems within West London

With our vast experience, we have an extensive list of pests that we can deal with. When carrying out any of our processes we will also make sure that safety is our top priority and everything that we carry out is explained to you prior.

Below is a list of pests we deal with, some pest control issues get worse over time and can become a recurring issue.

  • Bee Nest & Wasp Nest Removal  

Dealing with a bee’s nest or a wasp’s nest is always a scary situation, having them in your home or your commercial property is not pleasant. At Pest Control West London we are experienced in dealing with the disposal of these nests.

Removal of these nests should only ever be carried out by a professional. You should not carry out the removal yourself as when these insects feel threated they will attack to defend their home which can hurt you badly especially if you are not protected.

Bees will attack you if they feel threated, using all their resources to stop any attacks, though they will kill themselves in the process. Some people are allergic to bee stings and need to be cautious if you are allergic to these stings you need to call us to dispose of these nests as soon as you can.

Wasps are more active in the summer and during the early autumn and will only ever sting if they feel that they are under attack. Wasps do not carry any diseases in their sting however they can possibly cause irritation to the skin or major allergic reactions.

If a wasp or bee comes close to you, remember to remain calm and wait for it to fly away from you. They are not going to attack you unless they feel threatened.

  • Insect eradication and deterrence (bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, mites, flea, and flies)

Here at Pest Control West London, we are able to deal with a range of insects that you might need eradicating from your home. These can range from bed bugs to fleas, helping in the extermination of these unwanted guests.

Insects in your home are unhygienic and can make you feel uncomfortable. There can be incidents that can mean a pest issue is worse than you think, especially if you see a lot of flies buzzing around your home, this can be an indication that there is another pest issue – usually a dead rodent. Our pest control staff located in West London are able to deal with both of these issues.

Moths can become more common especially in the summertime, as moths are attracted to light, and with more people leaving their windows open overnight they will enter your home. Moths will come in contact with your textiles and can cause damage. They can also attract more pest issues such as birds who will feed on these moths.

Tiny bugs such as fleas and bed bugs are often hard to find. They can be harder to dispose of, making you feel cautious around your home. If a bite from these insects gets infected or causes irritation it is critical you consult your GP.

Having pets in your home often means there can be fleas which can live for up to 12 months, it can often mean that they will return and cause the same problem if not dealt with.

  • Rodent control through extermination and proofing (squirrels, rats, mice)

In West London, the population of rodents is growing quickly and dealing with these is vital. Being able to cause health issues through droppings and urine as well as eating your food. They are also able to eat through your electrical wiring and gas, causing leaks and electric fires.

In London 80% of homes will experience a mouse infestation at some point, entering your home in the cold weather or when there is flooding. Mice will also attack the food in your kitchen, nibbling away at any food you have before hunting around the rest of your home for more.

Mice will be able to nibble away on food, to protect your food by use of Tupperware boxes it means that your food won’t be eaten by these rodents.

The growing squirrel population in London is causing an issue, it is critical that the home is kept safe, due to the damage that they can cause. Squirrels can chew their way through anything causing electrical fires and gas leaks, so if you believe you have a squirrel in your home, commonly in the loft, get it under control today.

  • Bird control                                          

Pigeons or the ‘flying rats’ are swarming West London causing many different issues. These birds are able to carry disease and cause respiratory problems, there is more solutions in being able to keep these pests under control. Some of the control solutions we offer include:

–      Spring wire systems

–      Anti-perch spiking

–      Netting and net prevention

  • Fox extermination

Foxes will come into your garden during the warmer months, making themselves at home under your shed or decking, making you feel frightened about being in your garden.

Foxes are able to carry many different diseases that can cause problems for your beloved cats and dogs. Scabies and fleas are a huge problem when it comes to foxes being able to transfer these insects to your pets. Foxes are able to carry lungworm to your dog as well, as well as being able to cause toxocariasis.

The removal of foxes is critical in making sure that you and your family are safe. We promise to carry out the disposal in a humane way. As always we will offer advice in case the problem returns.

Is Pest Control More Common in Less Affluent Areas of West London?

We have pest control experts located in all areas of West London irrespective of the affluence of an area. West London areas like Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham and Hammersmith are less tightly populated areas and generally considered more affluent than areas such as Brent, but in our experience as pest control technicians, no area of West London is free of pests.

We Are Only A Phone Call Away

Being available 24/7 we can offer you advice and help with a host of pest control services, making sure to give you peace of mind. With our many years of experience on the front line, we are able to give the best solution to pest issues.

Our West London staff are also able to create a tailored solution for domestic properties and commercial properties designed to cater to large businesses and create customised services for people who are dealing with a pest control situation in West London.

We are also able to offer long-term contracts depending on the type of pest problem that your property is suffering from. These can mean helping to prevent future infestations with advice and support as well to tell you if swift action is needed.

Pest Control West London has a care promise to carry out all pest extraction with precision and care, ensuring all measures are safe for people, pets and the environment. Safety is always our number one priority.

All our technicians are CRB/ DBS checked and are required to bring ID to each appointment for your peace of mind, making sure that they say who they say they are. Our technicians will also give you their contact details to make sure that you are able to directly speak to them and receive any updates.

Pest Control in West London – FAQ

How much should I pay for pest control in West London?

In West London, the cost for the pest removal services depend on the pest type and the manpower involved in the pest removal. You can get in touch with the Pest Exterminators for pest control in West London as we are the best.

Do I need regular pest control services?

It depends, If you are owning any commercial property, then there will be more chances that you need regular pest control services. In that case, you can always have the professional pest control team like Pest Exterminators for regular pest removal services in West London.

Do I need to pay more for commercial pest control?

Whether it’s a residential property or commercial property, the cost for the pest control still remains the same. The cost may vary only based on the time & manpower involved in pest removal and the pest type.

Is same day pest removal available in West London?

Yes, same day pest removal is available in West London. You can get in touch with us for the same day service if required.

Are you available for Pest Removal over Weekends?

Yes, We are available in Weekends. Pest Exterminators provides 24 by 7 pest removal services in London. So you can contact us anytime for the pest control services in London.