Professional Moth Control in London

Bald patches on carpets? Small holes in clothes? Then you need moth control London

Noticed larvae or many moths suddenly about? You could have a moth infestation! We are the pest control experts and can give you lots of helpful advice on how to get rid of moths. We pride ourselves on our effective and efficient moth control London services.

What are Moths?

A moth is an insect with two broad wings, typically dull in colour and held flat when at rest. Moths are usually nocturnal. Moths can be identified as separate from butterflies as moths do not have clubbed antennae.

Do I have Moths?

Although people will often see moths flying about, they do not realise they have a moth problem until they start to notice damage to fabrics, carpets and clothing, and realise that moth control London is needed urgently before the infestation grows.

Here is a list of how to spot a moth problem:

·       Small, pinprick, holes in clothing

·       Bald patches on the carpets

·       Frequent sighting of adult moths

·       Moth larvae seen (maggot-like in appearance)

·       Moth pupae seen (silk cocoons)

·       The silken tubes or cases spotted

·       Dead moths around windows and lighting

·      Damage to textiles, rugs, carpets, and clothing

·      Birds nests in attic spaces (birds eat moths and so will make a home near where they are present)

If you are concerned about a moth issue, please contact us for professional advice on how to remove moths.

How did I get Moths?

Moths are flying insects and so can come into the home through open windows or doors. Moth eggs, larvae, and pupae can be transferred into homes when furniture, soft furnishings or clothing is brought in.

Why are Moths bad?

Although moths do not pose any direct health risks they are a serious pest control problem as they can cause extensive damage. The larvae of the moths are what cause the damage to clothes, soft furnishing, carpets, and other textiles.

 How do I remove Moths?

An established moth problem in a property will require professional treatment, whether it is a domestic or commercial property where the moth infestation is occurring.

As experts in moth control in London, we offer an efficient way to get rid of moths for each individual moth problem by offering bespoke actions plans. We know that to remove moths each stage of the moth’s life cycle must be exterminated.

For further advice on how we can help remove your moth problem please contact us today.

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