Flea Control in London

Fleas are a pest as they cause allergic reactions and carry diseases between animals that they bite. A professional flea control treatment is important to be carried out so that the health concerns of fleas can be avoided.

Getting bitten in the home or workplace? Keep getting itchy bites? Bites on your shins or ankles? You may have fleas in your property and if so, you need flea control London and fast!

What are Fleas?

The Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides canis) and the Cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) are the two species of fleas in London. Both species of flea are 3mm in length. The cat flea is reddish brown in colour and the dark flea is slightly darker. There are four stages to a flea’s life, egg, larva, pupa, and adult. For full control of a flea infestation in a property, it is essential that all four of these stages are exterminated.

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I can see jumping insects, are they Fleas?

Fleas are visible and are most likely to be noticed when they are jumping, either from or to the host. If you are experiencing itchy bites or your pets are scratching themselves considerably more frequently then the chances are that you have fleas. Flea droppings can often be noticed when there is a flea problem. The droppings of fleas are best described as ground black pepper.

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How did I get Fleas?

Fleas are often brought into a property by pets but can also be transferred from foxes or rodents when they enter the garden and then the fleas jump onto people.

How do I remove Fleas?

A professional flea extermination plan is the most effective way to remove fleas from a property that needs flea control in London but there are a few helpful tips to help control the numbers.

  • Vacuuming on a frequent basis with the bag being emptied each time.
  • Professional veterinarian flea treatments for pets.
  • Washing and drying pet bedding and soft furnishings frequently.

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