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Experiencing pest problems in the South London area or South of the river we are able to help. We offer pest control solutions to help you deal with any issues that you are experiencing. Our common UK pest control services are rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, making us one of the best, most experienced pest companies in the South of the capital.

We are proud to be a part of London’s community. Being able to offer you 24-hour pest control solutions around South London, with the peace of mind of being able to keep you safe and protected 24/7.

We are able to help with any moments of panic and able to deal with some pest control issues immediately in emergency situations. Always consult a professional if you believe you have a pest control issue, never tackle the problem yourself.

Here at Pest Exterminators South London, we are experienced professionals, we are able to deal with all these services to help make sure that you are covered in any event of an infestation.

We are able to offer you advice on preventing the problem from returning again. Of all the pest removal companies serving South London we have the best customer service record, read our reviews here from some of our South London customers.

We understand that having pests in your home can be an embarrassing subject and therefore you might worry about getting in contact with us. But do not worry, with 25 years’ experience on the front line in South London we are able to offer you complete customer satisfaction in the work we carry out on your behalf.

Our team is made up of fully qualified, experienced technicians who have worked in London’s pest control industry for years, you are guaranteed one of the best services from our team of experts located around South London. All work that our technicians carry out is in line with any E.U guidelines and is performed in the most humane way possible. 

We are committed to making sure that safety is our number one concern, you will be fully protected from pests at all times during our visit. Our services and treatments are always carried out with the consideration of your pets and family, keeping you safe. 

All our technicians are qualified and are required to carry ID cards. These consist of photographic ID and their phone number to confirm who they say they are. All our technicians are all CRB checked so you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands. Here at Pest Control South London, we are able to offer a tailored based treatment package and are able to provide you with the best solution. Depending on the severity of the issue and the probability of the problem returning would depend on the best course of treatment.

A plan is the best solution for anyone who wants their properties regularly inspected and kept pest-free, causing no more returning problems. We are able to discuss this with you when you get in contact with us, this would always depend on the best solution for your problem. Our team of professional and experienced pest control exterminators is able to carry out any extensive treatments that are required. We are equipped and ready to handle domestic and commercial properties. All our work that is carried out will give you peace of mind with satisfactory results that are suitable and effective for your issues. 

General Pest Control in South London

We are able to help you in dealing with these pest issues and offering a range of different services. Below are a few examples of the sort of pest control services that we are able to help with:

  • Wasp Nest & Bee Nest Removal  

If you have wasps’ nests or bees nests in your property do not panic, we are able to deal with both residential and commercial problems. We are experienced in the disposal of both theses nests.

Wasps are usually more active during the summer and early autumn, wasps will only ever sting if they feel that their nest is under threat or if they feel threatened. Although, wasps do not carry any disease their sting may cause irritation and also major allergic reactions.

Bees will attack you if they feel that their colony is being threatened. Often killing the bee in the process. Some people are often allergic to bee stings, therefore, needs to be cautious around bees. Do not feel panicked if a bee comes to you, stay calm and leave it to pass by you often the bee is looking for pollen.

The disposal of wasps and bees should only be carried out by a professional. We are experienced in the disposal of nests and are able to help deal with these flying insects.

We are experienced in the dealing of all insects’ extermination, ranging from bed bugs to fleas, being able to help you deal with the horrible unwanted house guests.

Finding insects like this is never nice, it can be unhygienic and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. If you keep seeing flies buzzing around a certain area it can be an indication of another pest issue, if this is so you should contact us straight away. We are able to deal with both these issues and help to make sure that the problem does not return.

Moths are also common and can cause more pest control issues such as birds, keeping an eye on your surroundings especially textiles will help you to see if you have a moth issue. Birds will often make a home near moths as they are able to feed on these insects. If you believe you have a moth issue contacting us will help in making sure that you get the best advice for your situation.

Fleas and bed bugs are harder to find and even harder to dispose of. Not only can they irritate you but they can also cause irritation to your skin making you feel uncomfortable. Always consult your GP if your bite marks get infected or cause irritation.

If you have pets in your home you might find that they are carrying any fleas, and although you have treated them you might not have treated your home. Fleas can live for up to 12 months meaning they will often return and cause the same problem.

Rodent Control in South London

The control of Rodents in South London is critical for making sure the problem does not get worst. Not only are they nuisances but they are also dangerous, being able to chew their way anything through in their path causing leaks and electric fires.

Rodents are able to cause health risks, through droppings and urine not being cleaned away in food areas and able to cause diseases. So if you have a mouse infestation or a rat problem do not leave your rodent control to get worst, get in contact today!

In terms of common pest control problems in South London 80% of all premises experience a mouse infestation at some point. These often enter your home due to cold weather, flooding or the availability of food. Mice will often visit the kitchen first nibbling away at your food before making their way through the rest of your home.

To keep these rodents from nibbling away at your food keep food in hard to enter boxes such as Tupperware, keep food protected in preparation areas. As well as keeping waste storage areas clean and your plumbing well maintained and sealed.

Controlling the squirrel population in London is critical in keeping your homes safe. Once into your home through cavity spaces within your property they are able to cause damage quickly. Squirrels are able to cause electrical fires and gas leaks, so it is highly important to get this under control.

  • Bird control

Pigeons are a pest in South London and able to cause a lot of issues. Often referred to as the ‘flying rats’ they can carry many diseases and cause respiratory problems. We are able to offer bird proofing solutions and bird deterrence systems throughout the South of London and these are quickly becoming one of the most effective pigeon control procedures in dealing with these birds.

Some of the control solutions we offer are:

–      Spring wire systems

–      Anti-perch spiking

–      Netting and net prevention

Larger Pests also Need Controlling in South London

Foxes in your garden living under your decking or shed can be uncomfortable for anyone especially in the warmer months when you want to enjoy as much of the warmer weather as possible. Foxes can carry many different diseases and cause problems for both cats and dogs. The removal from your back garden can make sure that you and your family are safe.

Scabies and fleas are a big problem when it comes to foxes, being able to spread these insects easily causing more pest issues. Foxes are also able to carry lungworm which can be carried to your pets as well as carry diseases through their feces causing toxocariasis.

Any removal of foxes is carried out in a humane way, for the safety of your family. We will also offer advice if you find that any foxes have returned.

Contact Us, Today!         

We are always here to offer you advice and help you in the process of dealing with these pest control issues in south London. We will always give you peace of mind and offer you the best service possible.

Prior to our visit, we will also give you tips on how to prepare your property if you have young children we will often recommend that they are not around during our time.

So if require Pest Control South London and are in need of our pest related services, please get in touch. We are able to offer quotes and advice to help deal with prevention and treatment in any pest issues you are experiencing. Talk to one of our trusted South London team members that are able to guide you through the process, helping to provide support and guidance for your peace of mind.

Pest Control South London – FAQ

How much is the cost for pest removal in South London?

Pest control in south London is offered by the Pest Exterminators. The cost for the pest control may depend on the various factors like the type of pest, number of professionals involved in the pest removal, time is taken and many other factors.

Are you available in weekends for pest removal in South London?

Yes, our Pest Exterminators team is available 24 by 7 all through the week. You can contact us anytime for the pest removal enquiries or advice. Our experienced pest control team will visit your premises and will do safe pest removal proceedures where required.

Do you offer regular pest control services?

Yes, we do offer regular pest control services in South London. If you are running a commercial industry and If you would like to have the pest control/removal regularly, you can contact Pest Exterminators.

Do you remove all kind of Pests?

Yes, We remove all kind of pests from your residential and commercial areas. Our team have experience in dealing with different kind of pests and hence will help you to remove any kind of pest from your place in a safe and easy way.

Do you offer same day pest removal in South London?

Yes, the Pest Exterminators team offers same day pest removal services in South London. Also, our pest control team is available 24 by 7. So you can call us anytime and our team will reach your place to remove the pests.