Have you seen large dark droppings? Then you are likely to require rat control London!

Are you experiencing scratching behind floorboards, walls or ceilings? Can you smell distinctive ammonia like the scent? If you are experiencing any of these signs you could have a rat problem, so call us now for rat controls in London!

What are Rats?

  • 30cm + in length
  • 15cm + tail length
  • 11-35kg in weight
  • Black or brown in colour.

Rats vary in size but tend to be considered as medium sized rodents, much larger than a mouse. There are two types of rats, the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and the brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus).

Why do I have Rats?

Rats often come into properties due to external influences such as building works, basement renovations, and adverse weather conditions. However, rats will also enter a home if there is a constant food source readily available.

If you find evidence of rats or would like advice on rat control London contact us, the expert rat exterminators, today.

Why are Rats a Pest in London?

Rats are a pest in London as they pose a serious health risk to humans and pets. Rats carry many diseases such as; salmonella, E. coli, TB and Weil’s disease. Rats also are carriers of other pests such as fleas, lice, and ticks., meaning that rat control in London is essential when it comes to eliminating these rodents from your environment.

As well as being a serious health risk, rats can also cause electrical fires as they often gnaw through electric cables and wires.

How do I get rid of Rats in London?

The best way to remove rats is by using a professional pest control company in London. We offer bespoke rat treatment plans that will be the most efficient way to remove rats from your individual property. We can remove rats from residential or commercial properties and offer different services for each situation.

Are you looking for rat control experts in London? If so, then you have come to the right place as we offer a variety of pest control services.