Mouse and Mice Control in London

Do you need urgent mice to control in London for a mouse control problem?

Are you experiencing scratching and squeaking under floorboards, behind walls or ceilings? Can you smell distinctive ammonia like the scent? Have you seen small dark droppings? Found shredded paper, wood shavings, etc? If you are experiencing any of these signs you could have a mouse problem! Contact us for professional mouse and mice control in London and advice on how to solve a problem.

What are house mice?

  • 7.5-10 cm in length
  • 5-10 cm tail length
  • 10-25g in weight
  • Hairless on ears and tail

Mice are small rodents that are best identified for their smaller size than that of a rat and their hairless ears and tail. Mice breed all year long and with a gestation period of 20 days with a litter of up to 12, there can quickly be an infestation of mice.

The most widely distributed pest in London is the mouse and they can be found anywhere. Mice can be found in residential or commercial properties; cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, clubs, bars, offices, gardens, clothing shops, embassies, schools, yachts, and museums. All these scenarios need their own particular methods of mice to control in London.

Why do I have mice?

Having mice is a common occurrence in London with 80% of all homes in London experiencing a mouse problem at some point. Reasons for experiencing a mice infestation can be varied including cold weather and flooding (mice will look somewhere to live) or the availability of food (mice need something to eat). The most common place to have a mouse visit is in the kitchen and often people notice that their food has been nibbled.

Why are mice a pest?

Mice are not only a nuisance with the mess and smell that they create but they also pose a health risk. Mouse droppings and urine that do not get cleaned away from food preparation, food consumption and food storage areas can cause problems to humans. Diseases can be transferred through direct contact with mice. House mice spread Salmonella, Murine typhus, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Mice cause damage to the property also by gnawing through furniture, floors and electric cables. When mice bite electric cables house fires have been caused! You can see why getting mouse control in London is so important.

An infestation needing mice control London can quickly explode without proper mouse control treatment as mice numbers can rapidly increase.

How do I get rid of mice?

With 80% of all residential properties at some point having a mouse problem it can be difficult to protect yourself from mice and even more difficult to successfully remove mice.

The best way to control a mouse problem in London is with an expert pest control company in London such as us. We can offer advice on how to protect your property and come up with a bespoke action plan that best suits your mice problem in London. Keeping food storage, preparation and consumption areas and waste storage areas clean along with your property’s plumbing well maintained and property sealed are good ways to start protecting your property from mice.

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