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Have you noticed ants or an ant nest in the home or place of work and need fast ant control London services?

Although Garden Ants and Black Ants do not pose any direct threat through bites or disease, they are considered as a domestic pest because they often travel through dirt which can cause them to contaminate food areas, and therefore require ant control London if you live within the boroughs of the Capitol. Ant trails often lead from their nest to a food source such as fruits, sugary food, and pet food and ants follow the trail through the use of pheromones so even if the initial ants in the trail are destroyed their scent trail can be picked up by other ants.

Ants are domestic pests and we can remove ant problems through specialist treatment. We can destroy ny ants nests, so call us now for more information and a quote.

 The most common ant is the Garden Ant:

  • 5 mm in length: Workers
  • 15 mm in length: Queen
  • Dark brown/black in colour
  • Most commonly found in and around the garden

The Garden Ant or the Black Ant are domestic pests that are often found around the kitchen as these areas are usually adjoined to the garden and food to attract trails of ants. On occasion ants find their way into other areas in the home or workplace; even on upper levels, and they need to be removed by specialist London ant control services like ours.

Ant nests in cracks and fissures, the most common location of a nest requiring ant nest removal London, require specialist treatment. The best way to remove an ant nest is to access internal and external access points of the nest and to have the best chance at fully exterminating the site.

How to get rid of ants can be tricky as they are so small, hide in the smallest crack and there are usually hundreds of them in one nest.

Unusual ants needing pest control in London

Pharaoh’s ants in London:
  • 2-3 mm in length
  • Yellow/yellow-brown with brown abdomen: workers
  • Slightly red and winged: Queens.

The Pharaoh Ant with their numerous flying queens can be particularly hard to remove. The Pharaoh Ant nest extermination must be carried out by specialists as pre-emptive treatments (spraying individual areas, dousing with boiling water) can cause the colony of ants to split which causes further ant nests to be built.

For professional Pharaoh ant nest, removals call us now.

Ghost ants in London

The Ghost Ant is an unusual ant to need ant control in London but they do exist. The Ghost Ant nests usually feature around moist, warm areas, such as bathrooms, wet-rooms, and basements. A professional treatment must be undertaken on these domestic pests to ensure that the best chance of full removal of the ant nest can take place. Call us now for more information on Ghost Ant removal in London.

The Argentine Ant in London

Although another rare ant to have in the home or workplace in London it has been noticed that there has been a 10% increase of issues with these ants. Worldwide the Argentine Ant has been found to displace other ants and are notoriously difficult to remove as the Argentine Ants are all part of one supercolony.

The Argentine Ant nests often extend beyond what usual ant nests do and can quickly come back. Argentine ant problems require professional ant nest treatments as specialist chemicals are used to exterminate their ant nests. Call us today to help with your Argentine ant control problem in London.

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