How About a Winter Feast of Insects!

There are many countries across the globe that offer insects as a snack, and maybe even a full Christmas dinner! But apart from the types of insects that need pest control, why could introducing edible bugs to your UK diet be so beneficial?

Edible Bugs

Around 1,900 species of insects are suitable for human consumption. That’s a lot! Most of these are beetles and caterpillars. With this huge amount of protein that can be taken from an insect, it’s no wonder the UN is trying to persuade more and more people to eat bugs, helping to fight world hunger.

The stages you can eat insects

There’s a massive range of bugs you can eat, but some of them are only fit for us to eat at different stages of their life cycle. Bugs such as bees and ants can only be eaten at the larva and pupa stage. At the adult stage, grasshoppers and termites are at their tastiest.

Other benefits

Aside from it being super healthy to eat bugs, it’s also a lot better for the environment compared to eating meat as a form of protein. They also require a lot less feed than cows, pigs and chickens and produce around the same levels of protein. This means the financial benefits are super positive.

Insects also produce fewer greenhouse gases. Cattle emit 60 x more methane than bugs, which is a huge difference. Methane gas has 25 x more of an impact on global warming than CO2.

So what if we all ate bugs?

If more of us were to switch to an insect-rich diet, replacing our more traditional forms of protein like chicken and beef, the world would be a completely different place.

It would help to reduce world hunger drastically, which is an amazing benefit. But there are also more benefits to think of.

Up to 30% of our land surface would be reclaimed from the livestock industry. This would allow urban growth and more housing for the ever-increasing rise in the population. Also, up to 18% of global greenhouse gases would be eliminated, which would help save the earth and the polar bears! Average food prices would also be lowered in most countries because edible insects are super cost efficient.

You can find a huge range of recipes online that include bugs as their main ingredient. You might even want to do away with the turkey for Christmas next year, and have a nice big juicy beetle instead!


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