What’s The Buzz On Bee Removal?

Don’t let the title fool you: bee removal is serious business. If you notice that you have a hive in your home or around it, then bee removal is something that you need to look at seriously so that you can enjoy your home and property once again. It is recommended that you always get a professional help you remove bees, as they can be very dangerous to both you and your home.

They can swarm: The most dangerous thing about bees that you should know about is the fact that they are swarming creatures. If you threaten a nest, they will all come out and swarm you, giving you hundreds of stings that can kill you in some cases. As such, if you find a nest, you should carefully back away and tell all others to keep away from the area, too. It needs to be taken seriously.

They can be removed humanely: With the bee shortage, you might be thinking that you should let them make a hive on the eaves of your shed, but did you know that you can remove them from your property without killing them. Many companies even offer bee removal services as the only option, as bees are so critical to the environment that we live in.

Have bees in your home? You may have a hive in there, too: Getting one or two bees in your home throughout the year is normal, as is the panic that you may feel at seeing them. The only time you have to worry about them in a serious way is if you are finding them everyday in your home, especially in one room. You may have a hive nearby, so you should get a professional in to check it out soon. They can hurt you and damage your property, so if you suspect an infestation, or you hear them buzzing around somewhere but can’t find them, call us for London pest help.

Bees are wonderful creatures when they’re flitting about from flower to flower, as you watch them safely from behind your screen or window, but they’re no fun when they are angry and aiming right at you. Make sure you avoid any potential run-ins by educating yourself on bee behaviour and on the different kinds of bees there are, and learning about the bee removal options in your local area, so that you can be informed.


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