What To Do When You Have Ants

Ants RemovalHere’s a fact not many people know. There are over 12,000 types of ant in the world. Most of us here in  in the capital, whether we reside in North London or live South of the river, don’t notice ants outdoors. In fact we rarely pay them any attention at all…until they decide to come into our homes that is. If you have noticed ants marching into your London home, you might appreciate knowing some of the steps you can take to eradicate them.



Here are a few:

  • Use ant control products – Depending on how many ants have made their way indoors, you may need to start by using an ant powder or spray to kill them. There are a lot of non-toxic options available for domestic use. Once they’re dead, use a vacuum cleaner to clean them up and dispose of them outside.
  • Throw away bad food – Ants love sugary or greasy food. You need to give your fridge and cupboards a really good clear out. Start by throwing away all of the food that ants have come into contact with. Clean the entire area where you found the ants, and make sure you sterilise it before cooking there again. This also removes the smell of ant trails, so other ants won’t come looking.
  • Seal your food – Once you’ve cleaned your kitchen and cupboard, use plastic or glass containers to seal off all of your food from ants and any other pests. Plastic bags can be used to seal meat and other foods too. Don’t leave food out on the side, or crumbs on the floor. It’s an easy food source for an ant.
  • Clean the floors – Never let food sit on the floor of your kitchen. Wash and disinfect your floors to remove the scout trails of the ants.
  • Put up some barriers – Once you have your ant problem under control, start taking precautions to prevent an ant infestation from reoccurring. You can use ant traps to create barriers around your home, keeping the ants out. Ants will stay away from certain smells and tastes including:
    – Coffee grounds
    – Cinnamon
    – Cayenne pepper
    – White vinegar
    – Talcum powder

Hiring the team here at Pest Exterminators will help you to deal with an ant infestation in your London home or business. We have the right techniques and methods needed to safely exterminate ants and stop them causing problems in your home.


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