What Bugs You the Most?

At Pest Control London, we are extremely passionate about putting the world to rights by getting rid of pests. Over the years of experience, however, we have noted that a lot of people do not contact pest control services until the problem has gotten really bad.

Pest Control In London

So, we have put together some things to potentially look out for that could be a cause for concern and a call to the professionals to investigate…

  • Feeling itchy during bed time
  • Waking up with one or more tiny little red itchy rash
  • A stale, damp raspberry type of smell in or around the bed
  • Little tiny ‘chocolate bead’ like droppings
  • Unexplainable damaged wood, where it looks like wood has been scooped out or is of uneven texture when it shouldn’t be, this could be an infestation of termites
  • Scuffling / scratching noises anywhere in the building
  • Little piles of what looks like sawdust around the home
  • Damaged wiring in the house, chewed wires
  • Pets and children itching or seem more restless and irritated
  • Household waste, whether inside or outside, looking like it’s been ransacked by scavengers
  • Seeing something scuttling outside your house in the dark, which is usually shrugged off as a big cat (this could actually be a fox)
  • Noticing ants frequently; single or in an army
  • Seeing nests in the shrubbery around your garden

These are just a few signs to look out for. There are some ways of reducing the chances of an infestation, and we have listed a few of these below.

  • Always check your home to ensure all door and wall seals are secure
  • Hoover under the beds/behind furniture at least once a month as a minimum
  • Check the walls/skirting for cracks and crevices. Small rodents can get through less than a 1cm entry point and gnaw their way through.
  • Ensure your home is frequently cleaned, as mould and dust can attract pests
  • Ensure all consumables are covered and stored in airtight containers
  • If you have a pet, ensure your pet has anti-flea/worm treatment regularly
  • Check the seams of your mattress for bugs
  • Check the sides of your bed frame for bugs, including the surrounding skirting boards and walls
  • Ensure waste is disposed of in tightly sealed bags and isn’t left discarded or lying around– whether inside the home or outdoors
  • Beware of mould, food left out, etc.

If you do feel you may be dealing with an infestation, it is better to combat it earlier rather than later.

Give Pest Control London a call, for a free survey and quote. We operate a 24-hour emergency service for the times when you need us the most.


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