Ways to Control Monsoon Pests

Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year because of the amazing weather and climate. On the same side health problems also increased in this climate, due to the monsoon insects. The rainy season is the perfect place for pests breeding and it raises in insects and lots of common diseases.

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For this reason, monsoon is also treated as the season of health issues and the number of rainy insects and flies increases in the house. You can inspect the mosquitoes everywhere in your home and this causes various infections like dengue, malaria, typhoid and other respiratory infections like asthma, cold, etc. so, to enjoy the monsoon season you should know how to eliminate the insects during the rainy season.

Here a few control measures and precaution of diseases for the monsoon season that makes your house pest and prevent you from the serious infection problems.

Dangerous Disease of Monsoon pests 


Dengue is a viral fever that gets transmitted to the people by mosquito’s bite. It causes joint pain, rashes, headache and results in heavy fever. It is a dangerous disease mostly spread in the monsoon season. The fever lasting for one week to 10 days.


Malaria is again a disease caused by the mosquito. It causes fever, illness, and flu. If the person is not treated with proper treatment, several complications may occur, and it results in death. Make sure that your house is free of water infections.


Diarrhea is caused due to unhygienic food and water. It is not much dangerous as viral fever, and it is treatable. Drinking home boiled water is the finest way of preventing diarrhea.


Again, typhoid is the kind of viral fever commonly caused by water infection. Fever, joint pain, dry cough, headache are the symptoms of the typhoid disease. Keep your surroundings always clean and consume healthy fluids will help you to get rid of infections.

tips to control monsoon pests


Monsoon has more probability of spreading disease through water consumption. Try to avoid outside and street foods during the rainy season and stick to the homemade food to prevent the infection of this kind of various. Sudden weakness, yellow eyes, vomiting, and liver dysfunction are the early symptoms of jaundice.

Precautions and necessary steps 

These diseases are harmful to the human environment and the major spreading of this disease is due to the mosquitoes. So, take some necessary steps to prevent the dangerous disease.

  1. Make efforts to keep your surrounding and society clean
  2. Try to avoid consume dirty water or foods
  3. Safeguard your kids and yourself from the mosquito’s bite by the fitting of nets to the windows and doors.
  4. Keep yourself away from the water-borne diseases, use filtered water or boiled water.
  5. Consume fresh foods

Make sure to control all the sources of water and assign the regular cleaning process to stop the mosquito’s breeding and water-borne infections. Ensure there is no water logging around your environment. Use some chemical-free repellents to stay away from the mosquitoes.


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