Ways You Might Be Attracting Pests

Are you finding little creepy crawlies and other pests in your home? Are you frustrated with them? That’s understandable. The thing is, pests are most annoying due to the fact that they are so sneaky and find ways into your home despite imagining that simply closing the door will keep them out.

Of course, pest control in London as with any urban environment is always a challenge, but consider the fact that you might be inadvertently attracting pests to your home, and use these tips as a guide to help you get rid of them for good!


  1. Clean up your clutter

Pests of all kinds love to build nests using dust and dirt and fibres which clutter can cause in your home. If you are finding a lot of pests in your house, try to eliminate your clutter as best as you can. If you don’t provide them with nest materials, they won’t be as interested in your home in the first place! Pretty straightforward, right?


  1. Check your walls and doors

You’d be surprised how tiny a hole in your walls and skirting board has to be in order for it to allow pests inside. Make sure that you keep an eye on your window frames and door seals so that you can take note as to when a hole or crack appears.


  1. Kick your rubbish to the kerb

A silly expression, maybe, but an honest one nonetheless. Pests get a lot of their food from the rubbish of all kinds, so do your best to keep your bins as far away from your home as possible. The same goes for our cupboards. Make sure you clean out anything spilled or gone bad, as this will attract pests like you wouldn’t believe.


  1. Tighten up your leaks

Pests like cockroaches need to be professionally controlled, but as they love moisture, they will thrive in any environment that is dam0, so make sure that you learn how to fix leaky taps or pipework or call in a plumber as quickly as possible.


  1. Keep an eye on your loft

Birds and squirrels, amongst others, love making a home for themselves in your loft, so keep an eye on it, and if you hear any strange noise coming from above, consider calling in a professional to check it out.


Using these as a guide, you should be able to find some relief from pests in your home. When in doubt though, call in a professional to give you some advice.


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