Warmer Weather & Your Pets

If you enjoy the changing of the seasons from cold and dreary winter through to spring showers and balmy, summer days then you aren’t alone. As well as the weather being kinder to our skin and health, it is perfect for all those insects and pests that we all love to hate.

While mosquitoes, flies and spiders might be at the top of our To Avoid list, it is important we are just as aware of the pests that bug our pets, too.


Here at Pest Control London, we know that many of our customers treat their pets like they were children, and we applaud them for that. However, in order to keep our pets as safe as can be this year, take just a few minutes of your life to get to grips with some of the pests that annoy our fur babies.


Not-so-Fantastic Fleas


Fleas are commonplace pests that can be caught just about anywhere, however, when the thermometer levels rise, so does the likelihood of catching fleas. While they tend to bite and feed on cats and dogs, there are some that will bite humans, too. Bites cause irritation, itching, and even hair loss and anaemia in pets and if eaten, can cause tapeworms, too.

If left untreated, one flea in your home can multiply to more than a thousand in just three weeks. It goes without saying that an infestation like this will be more than an inconvenience for you and your pet, but it happens. If you have a problem with fleas, call our Pest control team in London today.


Tricky Ticks


Ticks can be found in all the fun places you like to walk your dog; in the wood and in the long grass, especially in warmer weather. Ticks will often attach themselves to your dog or even your clothing to “hitch a ride” until they find a host to feed on. Ticks are a big cause of Lyme Disease, as well as Rocky Mountain Fever so it is important to be vigilant and check for them daily.


Malicious Mozzies


We are all quite wary of mosquitoes; tensing up when we hear that familiar buzzing and preparing ourselves for a stealth attack, but mosquitoes will also bite our pets. Their bites can be incredibly itchy and painful for a human, let alone a cat or a dog. Additionally, the diseases, bacteria and parasites that are carried by mosquitoes can be fatal for your pets, including the Saint Louis Encephalitis virus which attacks the brain, and roundworm, aka the silent killer.

If your home or business is home to an infestation, it is always best to let the experts take control. Our team of trained professionals will ensure that the problem is addressed correctly to eliminate the need for further treatment and unnecessary upset.

Call Pest Control London on 0800 772 32962 or contact us on our website to discuss your situation, book an assessment or seek advice regarding your pest control situation.


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