UK Pests: Bed Bugs

An influx of bed bugs in your property isn’t all that easy to avoid, especially considering how quickly they can spread and jump from one location to another.

However, this doesn’t mean an infestation can’t be properly treated nor does it mean you have to give up with prevention methods.

bed bug removal


Here at Pest Control in London, we specialise in removing and eliminating bed bug problems, using only the best treatmen

ts that will leave your property safe and sound in the future.

We are always on-hand to help, but if you would like to know more about what you’re up against, read on, as we take you through a short guide to bed bugs and answer any FAQs related to this pest.

Are Bed Bugs Harmful?bed bugs on your mattress

In short, yes, bed bugs can cause both physical and psychological harm, depending on the severity of the problem. In terms of physical symptoms, sufferers may experience bites, which can lead to reactions manifesting as itchy bumps, usually red.

These normally last for a few days, and there are several home remedies you can try to treat bites; see some here.

Psychologically though, bed bugs can be a lot more devastating to our health.

Emotional distress, anxiety and even exacerbation of existing mental health conditions are all possible, so identifying the issue and tackling it swiftly is extremely important.

Does an Infestation Mean My House is Dirty?

This is a common misconception amongst those who have either experienced an infestation or known someone who has. Despite what people may think though, bed bugs are not drawn to dirt, but, instead, our natural body heat and carbon dioxide. This can mean they are even more difficult to get rid of, as it isn’t as easy as having a quick spring clean and removing the problem this way.

Is There a Solution?

For those suffering an acute influx of bed bugs in their property, it may seem that there isn’t a solution capable of beating the issue. However, as mentioned, we here at Pest Control in London specialise in this pest and are therefore equipped with the necessary tools to treat the problem effectively.

So, if you’re concerned that you may have an army of bed bugs crawling around your rooms, get in touch today to speak to an expert.


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