Which Types Of Moths Are In My Home?

Are you having a problem with little flying pests who love to make a home inside of your closets or your kitchen?

If so, then the odds are that you are quickly getting frustrated with living with them, and want them out of your home. Moths are becoming a greater problem requiring professional pest solution in London homes with each passing year.

The best way to get them gone is by learning what kind of pest they are so that a professional London pest control service can deal with them properly. Here are some tips to help you identify the most popular kinds of moths.

Clothes Moths

These moths tend to have a great love for your expensive cashmere items as well as cottons. They particularly favour your silks and satins and enjoy a little taste of natural wool once in a while too. While clothes moths tend to live mostly in the wardrobe, they’ll go for your folded blankets and linens on shelves as well, so make sure you check both areas. They’ll make their nests in cool dark places, so check the corners of your cupboards as carefully as you can. Clothes moths breed pretty quickly, so make sure you check things on a regular basis.

Food Moths

One of the most common types of moths to be found in UK homes are food moths. These moths will settle in food sources such as bags of flour, food being the main thing that attracts them in the first place. They will eat your food, make their nests and lay their eggs on it, resulting in infestations that will force you to throw out half of your kitchen if you don’t deal with it in a timely fashion.

Carpet moths

As the name suggests, these moths tend to go for your carpets and rugs. Unfortunately for you, they tend to have expensive taste and will go for those large wool throw rugs that lie on your living room floor. They’ll eat them away, patch by patch, and you can find them by moving your furniture and checking under the rug if you see any bald spots. Once you spot a nest, it’s time to call a moth control professional before the problem gets any worse.

These three moths are the most common types you are likely to find in your home, so keep an eye out, and if you find even a few moths or caterpillars, take it seriously, as it can become a full-blown infestation within a matter of weeks.


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