Tips to control pests at Home

Why your home attracts pests & tips to control them

Pests and insects are easily attracted to your homes because they also have the same basic needs for food and water. We can treat pests in different ways and control them from spreading. But before that first, you concentrate on what things that attract pests to make their entry into your home. The best method is to eliminate and avoid the presence of things that attracts the pests and makes them survive in your home.

Always humans can’t always be cautious, but they can reduce the attractions and limit things like food, water that attracting the pests to be available in the residence.

We clearly describe the types of facts and foods that attract the pests, because even a small crumb of foods keeps the entry of tiny pests.

To stop the entry of pests, do whatever you can to get rid of pest from the home, and check the following to prevent the path of pest infestation.

Common things that attract pests 


  • check for food items if you left anything in an open space or left the food containers without proper sealing.
  • Pests easily gets attracts to the food smell and waste foods.
  • If you left any food like small crumbs, juice or coffee spills, kids’ food or pets’ food and rotten fruits easily attract the pests like common flies and mosquitoes.


warm weather easily attracts the pests who seeking for shelter in winter and rainy season. Pests lost their nest in the rainy season and seeking for their residence if they found any holes or gaps in-between the doors, they easily make an entry.


  • Water makes moisture for a pest those seeking for moist in summer.
  • Rainwater source left around your house easily attracts the mosquitos.
  • The water also leads the pests for breeding.


  • Garbage smell and wastes easily attract the pest from the garden side and outdoor side.
  • Rodents and cockroaches are the common pests easily attracted to the garbage.

pest control at home

Control Measures: 

Make pest-proof Painting 

  • Paint your home with pest-proof paints and seal all the cracks and gaps with the pest-proof clays that can prevent the insect’s entry.
  • Repair all holes
  • Seal all the holes properly with the tight material and do cleaning regularly to avoid the pest’s entry

Remove foods items 

  • Sweep your home regularly and check all the corners of the home for food crumbs and food wastes.
  • After your dining clean the tables and wipe away the spills and food crumbs
  • Don’t leave any pets food out to stay for a longer time.
  • Tightly store all the containers in a proper seal.

Empty the garbage  

Inspect for indoor and outdoor wastes regularly and collect all your garbage in a daily routine.

Repair faulty pipes 

Fit all pipes and repair them and maintain all water flowing pipes in a proper condition.

After the rain empty the outdoor buckets and don’t allow any water to stand around your home.


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