Time to Spring Clean?

The majority of us tend to expect a certain type of pest during each particular season, although a lot of those pests still exist in the other seasons, we just don’t think about them as we don’t see them as often.

Soon enough, winter will be coming to an end and the next season is about to spring on us, but what else springs up with springtime?

Here, at Pest Control in London, we are on hand 24 hours a day, providing emergency call outs to help you get rid of any pest infestations you may have, so we thought we would list a few of the most common seasonal pests to look out for this spring.

This week, we take a look at:


Flies are an incredibly common house pest; the warmer it gets, the more flies we tend to see.

Often, swarms of flies are seen in and around areas of the house and garden. It isn’t entirely possible to rid the world of flies; however, they can be reduced by keeping your home clean, hygienic and regularly disinfected. Keeping foodstuffs covered and stored in airtight containers is always a good preventative measure.

These irritating pests can survive up to three days without any food, even though their adult life span is around two weeks at most. However, they breed extremely quickly, and some flies can lay more than 1000 eggs. These eggs get laid in places where you would expect to find a fly, such as waste and animal excrement. Now comes the revolting part: the eggs will likely form clusters and within a day, they will transform into maggots.  In just over a week’s time, these maggots will transform once more into the final stage of their life cycle, the fly.

Some people believe that flies are not harmful; however, they are a carrier of many diseases. Some of these diseases include Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Salmonella, Parasites and Cholera.

Flying Fun Fact

Did you know the way to determine the gender of a fly is by checking how far apart their eyes are? The female flies tend to have bigger and wider eyes than the males.

So, if you feel you may be a victim to these common flying fiends, give Pest Control in London a call 24 hours a day to let us help you eradicate the problem, fast.


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