Three Terrifying Facts about Rats

The world is full of pests but luckily, the experts are on hand to help.

Part of the elimination process though is down to you being able to identify the pest.



Sometimes pests will be obvious, but others won’t be so easily distinguishable.

In today’s post, we will be taking a look at one pest in particular; rats.



More than just an annoyance, rats pose many dangers to humans and pets alike.

Though they are easy to notice in most cases, using chewed wires and the like as evidence, there are some things you should know before you go and try tearing a nest apart.

Below we have compiled just three terrifying facts about rats.

They Will Find You

It’s true; rats will find any way to get inside the property, even if there isn’t an obvious welcome sign.

They make a habit of travelling through narrow pipes and vents, but the real danger is their tendency to chew their way in.

This not only causes structural damage but if a rat bites their way through a live wire, there is also a risk of fire.

The worst part is that rats tend to bring their families, creating a nest in your cellar or attic.

This quickly gets out of hand, and you then have a full infestation on your hands.

They Carry Diseases

We’ve all heard this common saying, but exactly what diseases do rats carry and transmit?

Well, one of the most notable diseases is leptospirosis, which can cause acute damage to a human or pet’s kidneys and liver.

In addition, if a wild rat bites you, you may contract what’s known as rat-bite fever.

Symptoms include muscle and joint pain and discomfort, headaches, fever and vomiting.

Their Incisors Never Stop Growing

Our last terrifying fact about rats is that their teeth never stop growing.

Now, we understand the confusion as to why their incisors aren’t poking out of their mouths like a child’s depiction of a monster, so let us explain.

As mentioned, rats have a terrible tendency to chew everything in sight.

This inevitably ‘sands down’ their teeth, allowing them to stay at an appropriate length for nibbling our favourite belongings.

If you have a rat problem, please get in touch today.

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Throughout the processwe will also provide you with support and advice on how to avoid a future pest problem.

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