There’s A Mouse In My Christmas Tree!

Christmas is the most special time of the year, where we get together with our families and celebrate with giving and sharing. Other than opening your home to your distant relatives this year, you may be welcoming another visitor to your home…mice!

So now you’re thinking, how? Putting your tree up marks the start of the Christmas holiday, and no home is complete without one at this time of year. The last thing on your mind is to associate it with London house mouse pest control issues!

But, did you know Christmas is a great season for mice to invade your London home? And, why?


Mice are expert climbers and jumpers. A Christmas tree to a mouse is like a giant climbing frame, where they can do so to their heart’s content.

But you might think that mice climbing your tree can’t be that bad, can it? Wrong!
Mice are great adventurers, and they will find new and innovative ways of navigating a home. Depending on how big your tree is, and where you put it in your house, a mouse could use it as a vehicle to gain access to other areas of your home quickly and quietly.


Any food decorations on the tree are a huge allure to a mouse. We all like to decorate our trees with baubles and tinsel, but another popular decoration is chocolate or gingerbread.

Mice will eat pretty much anything. But they have a particular liking for sweet food, so will be attracted to foods that are super sugary, which is one of the main ingredients of Christmas!


It’s one of the most famous symbols of Christmas, hanging your stockings over the fireplace ready for Santa on Christmas Eve. But did you know they are really handy for a mouse?

Mice can use them to get to areas they couldn’t before. They’re almost like a soft, furry ladder, letting them gain access to other areas of the home. A really popular stocking filler is sweets and chocolate, so mice will love them even more!


Mice are always gnawing on things and can cause a lot of damage. Having mice in your home can be devastating, as they could chew through your fairy lights and cause an electrical fire.

Outdoor lights are also not immune to mice. If the power socket for your lights is indoors, mice can easily find a way into the home through the cable routing.

Worried about mice this Christmas? Get in touch with us today!


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