The Fox and Christmas

So, the time of year has been and gone where we have all eaten a little more than we should have done, and perhaps a little more on top of that, too.

However, we are all guilty of making too much food so it can be assumed that we have also thrown a reasonable amount of food away over the festive period – therefore inviting all those who roam the streets with four paws to dig around for some leftover turkey.

London fox posing danger to pets

Over the last century, foxes have become far braver around us humans and, as such, are not as easily deterred when there is a chance there is some grub up for grabs. While waking up to the contents of your bin all over the garden can be very frustrating in itself, this is not the only problem that a fox infestation can bring.

Sadly, the common, urban fox can be the bearer of bad news for your small animals and pets as they can carry Sarcoptic Mange (Scabies) and Distemper Virus. These can both be fatal to some pets

So what can you do in the first instance?

Over the festive period, be sure to dispose of your food in a secure manner. This means in sealed bags, tightly knotted. It may also be worth considering where you keep your bins. For example –  perhaps in a shed or outhouse, or sealing them with bricks on top to help prevent break-ins.

Protect your pets.

Foxes can be known to attack smaller animals. If you can keep your pets indoors overnight or in a secure area outside, this will certainly go a long way to keeping them safe. Security lighting that is reactive to movement can also be a great deterrent to these pests.

Be smart. 

If you have begun to notice a trend or have spotted foxes in and around your home for consecutive days/weeks, it is time to take action. We strongly advise against taking matters into your own hands as you could make the problem worse or even incur an injury.

Speak to us at Pest Control London on 0800 7723262 for the best advice and action to take until we can get one of our trained experts out to deal with the problem. Our London based team are able to disperse and deal with infestations in a safe, humane and efficient manner.

If you suspect anything untoward, get in touch with us right away.


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