Technicians Must Be CRB Checked

Hiring a pest controller means that you are dealing with a stressful and hard problem. You want peace of mind when bringing someone into your home. This is why professional pest control companies such as ourselves fully vet our technicians before they are allowed to visit our clients homes. This means they are fully qualified and have been CRB checked (now known as a DBS check).

Safety and security

Having a pest controller who has been CRB checked means they can deliver a secure and professional service. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with a stressful situation. Our technicians have all been vetted because we want to provide our clients with a legal and safe solution to their pest problems. This starts straight away, with a CRB check.

Peace of mind

Pest control technicians work with dangerous chemicals and tools on a daily basis. We need to make sure that these people are safe to work with these things, which is why they must have a CRB check. CRB checks also make sure that any technicians entering your property are safe to be around children as well.

CRB checks give you that peace of mind that your pest controller is working safely in your property. A technician has all the right skills to get the job done. But if they have a criminal background with vulnerable customers it can lead to undesirable consequences. These are not the type of people you want working in your home because that extra peace of mind won’t be there.


Pest controllers who don’t have a CRB check may as well be unqualified to do their job. Make sure that any pest control company you want to hire has a CRB check and all of the recommended training to keep you and your family safe. You are completely within your rights to ask to see proof of CRB checks and qualifications from a pest controller. Hiring a pest controller requires serious vetting, and anyone who are considering hiring should answer your questions openly and honestly.

Our company never stops working to keep pests from infesting homes and businesses all over London. Therefore, you can get in touch with confidence, because our 24 hour emergency pest control services are carried out by CRB checked technicians.


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