Tips to keep pests away during winter

5 tips to keep pests away during winter

5 tips to keep pests away during winter

During the winter season, the individuals should take several protections to keep pests like ant, spider, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies away. Once the pests enter your home it causes major destructions like cracking the wall, chewing the wires, and make unpleasant smells in the kitchen and bathroom area.

The summer is not a big deal for you for pests, in summer insects and flies opens its door for hunting and mostly don’t prefer indoor. They like to roam around the open fields like gardens lawns and parks. But when winter arrives, they are probably in inactive mode. The cold and wet snow makes pests to shelter their life inside your home to protect themselves from cold and freeze.

To deal with such worst conditions we provide you with 5 essential inspection tips to keep pests away from your home.

  1. Dark areas  
  • Dark areas are best for pests to hide. So regularly inspect areas like house basement, bathroom pipes generator room, to avoid the entry of pests like mice.
  • Seal the small opening and gap in the floor
  • Keep all areas clean
  • Check the presence of mice regularly by the sign of chewing wires, smells, and damaged food.
  1. Kitchen moist 
  • The best commonplace for cockroaches is the kitchen area. The wet or moisture present in the kitchen makes indoor cockroaches. It creates some allergy symptoms and spread bacteria.
  • Keep floor and cupboards clean
  • Vacuum as a daily routine
  • Dispose of the kitchen wastes regularly
  • Always pay attention to the bathroom kitchen and home appliances and especially sinks and toilets.

keeping the pests away during winter

  1. Car parking
  • The pests like mice, rat and bugs initially make the entry from the parking area.
  • The mice also cause damage to car wires and cause a bad smell inside the car
  • While parking your car check for the presence of rats or mice
  • Spread some herbs like tobacco, the smell cause irritation to mice.
  1. Sunside 
  • Check the balcony area for spider nets. The spider spin it nets in balcony plants, grill windows, wardrobes, shoe stand and in cloths. Spider bite cause dangerous to humans
  • Regularly trim the trees and plants
  • Place clothes and shoe wardrobe area
  • Regularly clean the dust hanging in the roofs
  1. Call professional service 
  • Dealing with pests particularly in winter may cause headaches to house owners. Hence call a professional pest control team.
  • A pest control professional knows to identify the affected areas and they will resolve your problem.

Some common facts to remind in winter:

  • Check for leakage that causes moister in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Store firewood’s away from your kitchen area.
  • Replace the damaged pipes in basement areas
  • Seal all gaps with proper products
  • Keep trashes away from the living area
  • Close the rain water pits with a proper lid
  • Let your mattress to dry in the sunny area once in a week