Pest control tips for residential areas

Sporting of pests like mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, mice, the spider in your house makes you feel discomfort and sometimes it ends in hypertension. However, it was a common problem faced by most of the people in their daily routines. To control the pests first you should aware of the identity and lifestyle

Pest control tips for residential areas

Some simple points to maintain in daily routine

  • Clean your home daily twice
  • Clean your indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Spray herbs solution around your home
  • While mobbing don’t forget to add pest-free liquids
  • Use separate cleaning material for toilets and baths
  • Trash out the garbage wastes regularly
  • Trim your terrace plants
  • Use net screens for windows
  • Place food products in closed lid
  • Don’t take pets bowl inside living area

Keep away pests from your residential areas with this pest control tips.

  1. Clean kitchen regularly

Messy kitchen smell attracts pests like cockroaches and mice. Always clean the kitchen, after cooking and throw away the waste foods immediately to prevent entry.  Wipe kitchen floors and cupboards and regularly clean your dustbin box.

In the kitchen, the major issue is the presence of cockroaches and ants. So regularly clean your stains and don’t leave your dishes more than a day. Spread some soap water which helps to keep away ants. Take extra care on your chimney and the chimney outlet.

  1. Wastage water

Check-in and around your house for wastage water or drainage. Wastewater is the main source for the growth of mosquitoes. It causes major malarial diseases. Make sure the flow of rainwater and AC outlet.

  1. Terrace gardening 

Trim your garden plants in the regular season, to avoid pests to set their nest in your terrace. Keep spraying of some organic pesticides periodically to control pests in your residential area. Organic pesticides don’t make any harm to your plants in the gardens.

  1. Ripe Fruits 

Eat fruits in fresh condition and immediately throw away the ripped fruits and veggies. If you let such fruits then it will be a big deal for you. Housefly easily spreads for ripped fruits. Flies easily spread through ripped bananas. In that case, close the fruit basket with a netted lid to keep pests away from your dining area.

pest control in residential areas

  1. Pest Control nets

Pest Control screens are available for Windows as a screen and also for doors. With the help of pest control screen, you can avoid their entry into indoor.

  1. Block the gaps

Mice and some rats will get into your home by the unnoticed holes or gaps. So checks for that kind of gaps and close immediately with the help of certain materials

  1. Maintain foods

Always use fresh foods and place the food in a tightly closed container. Keep away food garbage in sealed trash and trash out regularly. Don’t let any food products in open condition.

  1. Regular Inspection on Mattresses

Bugs are easily spread their lives in mattresses and beds. Bed bugs transfer easily in our traveling. The present of bugs smells like a heck and it makes a big headache. After every travel clean your bed sheets and bed covers and check for bugs.  It sucks our blood and it causes itching and allergies.

  1. Clean water tank

Treat your water tanks regularly to get rid of mosquitoes. Regularly check manhole covers and lids. Open lids may allow insects and pests; lids should be always in closed condition. fix issues like leakage and cracks. Keep the area in a dry manner that avoids unwanted growth of bacteria and pests.

  1. Pest control service

In the worst case, you can call pest control services and let them treat your problems. The pest control professionals like Pest Exterminators will provide a wide range of assistance and will help to eradicate the entire pests and make your residence as a pest-free block.