How To Get Rid Of Ants?

How To Get Rid Of Ants At Home Naturally_

Rodents, spiders, ants, flies, bed bugs and cockroaches are some of the most common pests that all of us want to get rid of. This unwelcoming guest not only causes damage to the household properties but also cause dangerous health problems by spreading a disease like asthma, typhoid, dengue, rashes, and some malarial disease. Here we discuss the seriousness of ants and how to control it naturally without using chemical products.

How To Get Rid Of Ants At Home Naturally_

Ants are insects that live in a group of, we adopt the control process should include eliminating the entire group of ants and its colony. Ants enter your home for its food, water, and shelter. To control its presence, you should first clearly notice the behavior and characteristic feature of ants.

Ants enter your home even though the tiny holes for food and water, all other ants follow the first ant’s footprint and get in the house for the same reason.

To understand the catechistic of ants is one of the best processes for the control method

how to get rid of pest at homeINSPECTION FOR ANTS 

Inspection is the most necessary step to control the ant problem in your house. To find the ant nests follow the path of their trails, or from the food source that established the routes to the nest

Inspect around the door edges, windows, carpets, and the kitchen area. Once the ants enter the kitchen area, it destroys all the foods in the kitchen and sometimes creates itches and redness during the night timeOutside, inspect around the lawns, patio area, and all furniture and check the garbage wastes. To kill the ant permanently follow this simple step

  • Follow its trail path to find the ant nest.
  • Once you found any nest eliminate it immediately
  • Use non-repellent pesticide around the house or bait to eliminate the ant colony from your house.

Natural Method of elimination 

The ants enter your kitchen if they get attracts by the smell of sugar syrup, any juice spilled ups, and food particles. Keeping your kitchen area clean and place food in a tightly in a container can allow redacting the ant infestation. Whenever you spot the ants in your home, follow the natural way of ant control which we mention.

With Vinegar and water:

tips to get rid of pest from homeAnt easily gets rid of the vinegar smell. Mix the one tablespoon of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the solution to kill the ants in your home. 

With bay leaves

Sprinkle the powder of bay leaves on the ant colonies to kill the ants flow inside and outside your home.

With Lemon Juice: 

Lemon juice and water act as the natural repellents to get rid of ants naturally, pour the lemon juice on the ant area to kill the ants in your home.

With Mint leaves:

Place the bunch of mint leaves wherever you find the ant’s trails to control it.

With Cucumber:

Place the cucumber slices on the ant’s entryway. It naturally eliminates the ant’s entry into your house.

Spread cornmeal 

Sprinkle some cornmeal on the traffic area of ants. After eating this ant’s can’t digest this and it kills them naturally. Don’t use cornmeal if you have kids in your home.

Common Things that attracts Pest

how pest gets attracted

how pest gets attracted

Pests are the most hated organism among all the insects and inspect them in your home and office makes you to face critical situation. At every time of cleaning you think that you are doing a great job of keeping this insect away from your home, but you would be worried at some time if you are spotting these infection carrying creatures in your way. If you don’t want these pests moving in and around your home and office area, kick these bad habits that can be easily attracts them.

Leaving food items in kitchen 

Already we discussed in many topics pests seeks your residence for their food, shelter and water. The flavoured smell from the foods easily attracts the pests. If you left the food items, the pest imagines that as their feed and makes an inspect your home and office area regularly and make sure there is no food wastes and snacks found.

common things that attract the pestsLeaving dishes in kitchen sink 

Pests like cockroaches are easily attracted the aby kind of waste foods and your dirty sink is now like an entry ticket for them. Cockroaches easily enter in to your kitchen area and roaming around the sink and it cause big headache for you. So from next time, take a time to rinse all the dishes and eliminate all the waste foods to the garbage bag.

Keeping food containers open 

Tightly close the lids of food containers that you kept in pantries or in storage cupboards. Lightly opened food products that are placed in the cupboards are the great place for the pests like ants and roaches to look forward for the food. Cockroaches can chew the paper and plastic easily, so the tip is storing the food in the tightly closed glass containers. 

Leaky and damaged pipes

Pests not only seeks for the foods also for water. They need water to survive and it will get it anywhere from your place. Your leaky water pipes can supply a water they need, and it tends to be the perfect place for pests to make make sure to seal any leakages you found in your place or replace the heavy damaged pipes.

things that attract pest easilyWarm place

Pests like a hot and warm place to make their residence. Pests like cockroaches, lizards and mice are not live in cold climate. Their population rises mostly in the warmer months. keeping your place cool and freeze by decreasing the temperature in your air conditioners keeps away the pests away from your place.

Stack of waste products

Waste products like cardboards, papers, wooden sheets, and other material helps pests to hide. Clear those waste products, old newspaper and journals out of your place keeps away the pest.

Unfolded cloths 

Due to heavy work schedule and by laziness you may left the cleaned cloths and dress in your room without folding it. This may be the perfect place of pests to hide in. you can easily spot the presence of cockroaches in your unfolded cloths. So keep your cloths always folded in your wardrobe and spray some perfumes or scents to get rid of pests entry.

Tips to control pests at Home

Why your home attracts pests & tips to control them

Why your home attracts pests & tips to control them

Pests and insects are easily attracted to your homes because they also have the same basic needs for food and water. We can treat pests in different ways and control them from spreading. But before that first, you concentrate on what things that attract pests to make their entry into your home. The best method is to eliminate and avoid the presence of things that attracts the pests and makes them survive in your home.

Always humans can’t always be cautious, but they can reduce the attractions and limit things like food, water that attracting the pests to be available in the residence.

We clearly describe the types of facts and foods that attract the pests, because even a small crumb of foods keeps the entry of tiny pests.

To stop the entry of pests, do whatever you can to get rid of pest from the home, and check the following to prevent the path of pest infestation.

Common things that attract pests 


  • check for food items if you left anything in an open space or left the food containers without proper sealing.
  • Pests easily gets attracts to the food smell and waste foods.
  • If you left any food like small crumbs, juice or coffee spills, kids’ food or pets’ food and rotten fruits easily attract the pests like common flies and mosquitoes.


warm weather easily attracts the pests who seeking for shelter in winter and rainy season. Pests lost their nest in the rainy season and seeking for their residence if they found any holes or gaps in-between the doors, they easily make an entry.


  • Water makes moisture for a pest those seeking for moist in summer.
  • Rainwater source left around your house easily attracts the mosquitos.
  • The water also leads the pests for breeding.


  • Garbage smell and wastes easily attract the pest from the garden side and outdoor side.
  • Rodents and cockroaches are the common pests easily attracted to the garbage.

pest control at home

Control Measures: 

Make pest-proof Painting 

  • Paint your home with pest-proof paints and seal all the cracks and gaps with the pest-proof clays that can prevent the insect’s entry.
  • Repair all holes
  • Seal all the holes properly with the tight material and do cleaning regularly to avoid the pest’s entry

Remove foods items 

  • Sweep your home regularly and check all the corners of the home for food crumbs and food wastes.
  • After your dining clean the tables and wipe away the spills and food crumbs
  • Don’t leave any pets food out to stay for a longer time.
  • Tightly store all the containers in a proper seal.

Empty the garbage  

Inspect for indoor and outdoor wastes regularly and collect all your garbage in a daily routine.

Repair faulty pipes 

Fit all pipes and repair them and maintain all water flowing pipes in a proper condition.

After the rain empty the outdoor buckets and don’t allow any water to stand around your home.