Common Things that attracts Pest

how pest gets attracted

how pest gets attracted

Pests are the most hated organism among all the insects and inspect them in your home and office makes you to face critical situation. At every time of cleaning you think that you are doing a great job of keeping this insect away from your home, but you would be worried at some time if you are spotting these infection carrying creatures in your way. If you don’t want these pests moving in and around your home and office area, kick these bad habits that can be easily attracts them.

Leaving food items in kitchen 

Already we discussed in many topics pests seeks your residence for their food, shelter and water. The flavoured smell from the foods easily attracts the pests. If you left the food items, the pest imagines that as their feed and makes an inspect your home and office area regularly and make sure there is no food wastes and snacks found.

common things that attract the pestsLeaving dishes in kitchen sink 

Pests like cockroaches are easily attracted the aby kind of waste foods and your dirty sink is now like an entry ticket for them. Cockroaches easily enter in to your kitchen area and roaming around the sink and it cause big headache for you. So from next time, take a time to rinse all the dishes and eliminate all the waste foods to the garbage bag.

Keeping food containers open 

Tightly close the lids of food containers that you kept in pantries or in storage cupboards. Lightly opened food products that are placed in the cupboards are the great place for the pests like ants and roaches to look forward for the food. Cockroaches can chew the paper and plastic easily, so the tip is storing the food in the tightly closed glass containers. 

Leaky and damaged pipes

Pests not only seeks for the foods also for water. They need water to survive and it will get it anywhere from your place. Your leaky water pipes can supply a water they need, and it tends to be the perfect place for pests to make make sure to seal any leakages you found in your place or replace the heavy damaged pipes.

things that attract pest easilyWarm place

Pests like a hot and warm place to make their residence. Pests like cockroaches, lizards and mice are not live in cold climate. Their population rises mostly in the warmer months. keeping your place cool and freeze by decreasing the temperature in your air conditioners keeps away the pests away from your place.

Stack of waste products

Waste products like cardboards, papers, wooden sheets, and other material helps pests to hide. Clear those waste products, old newspaper and journals out of your place keeps away the pest.

Unfolded cloths 

Due to heavy work schedule and by laziness you may left the cleaned cloths and dress in your room without folding it. This may be the perfect place of pests to hide in. you can easily spot the presence of cockroaches in your unfolded cloths. So keep your cloths always folded in your wardrobe and spray some perfumes or scents to get rid of pests entry.