How To Tackle Rodents In London

Rodents are some of the most destructive pests you could have on your property. They will enter any type of building because they simply need to find food, water and shelter. Droppings, scratching noises and small chew marks may be the first signs you see of a rodent infestation. You probably won’t spot any rodents yourself until the problem is really bad.

If you see a rodent in your London property, you can guarantee there are more lurking around somewhere. They breed at an alarming rate, so before you even know about the problem, a rodent infestation could already be happening. Not only will the cost of the damages be bad, but having rodents around can cause health problems too.

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Tracking The Rodents

After seeing signs of rodents on your property, you need to take action to remove them immediately. To find where the rodents may be getting in, try sprinkling talcum powder around potential entry points. If a rodent walks through the powder, you can see where they are entering and exiting your home.

Any type of DIY pest control can be effective when it’s done on a small scale. If you’re not sure about what type of pest problem you have, or you don’t know what method to use to get rid of a rodent infestation, you need to contact the professionals. We are here at Pest Exterminator in London to answer any queries by phone or email and give you sound advice backed by years of experience. Our highly skilled technicians can determine the type of rodents you have, and put an effective strategy in place to eliminate the problem.

How To Keep Rodents Out

Take the time to regularly inspect your property, and think of all the areas a rodent could possibly enter through. Even the tiniest hole is the perfect opening for a small rodent, even if it’s only half an inch in diameter, because they can squeeze themselves very small.

  • Ensure all of your doors and windows are properly fitted and have no gaps in them.
  • Check all piping and electrical wiring entry points around your home and seal around them.
  • Store food properly in plastic containers.
  • Don’t leave pet food out.
  • Keep any compost away from the property.
  • Declutter from around the outside of your property.

Just remember that the best way to combat any type of pest infestation is having a solid pest prevention routine in place.


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