Stop Pests Attacking Your Rubbish

With Christmas just gone, all of our rubbish collections have probably been disrupted. And we are left with stacks of boxes and bags outside of our homes. This causes a major inconvenience, especially if you’ve spotted rats and foxes sniffing around outside.

So once your bin is full, what are you supposed to do with the rubbish? You may not have the time, or be located near to the tip. The excess rubbish you have will need to be stored somewhere safe, away from the prying claws of rats, cats and fox problems.

Storing Your Rubbish

Storing rubbish indoors is out of the question, as it’s unhygienic and can cause pests to enter your home. The first tip to use in full bin situation is to squash all the rubbish down as much as you can, even getting in the bin to really give it a good squish. That can buy you space for a week!

Guidelines To Follow

You may think using strong bin bags will prevent pests from getting into them, but they won’t work. However, if you have outdoor bins you must always put food and other rubbish into bin bags before you put them into the bin. If you leave rotting food in bins can lure flies and other insects to your bin, which could then infest your home. If you have loose lids on your wheelie bins it’s best to get them tightened. Or put a heavy object on top to keep them closed until you can get the lid fixed. Wash out all of your tins and cartons before you put them into the recycling bin. That way, any leftover food won’t attract flies, cockroaches, rats and mice.

Once summer comes, you need to disinfect your bin. Bins are a perfect place for maggots and flies to breed because it’s safe and warm. Just one fly can cause over 500 maggots in a very short amount of time. And a fly infestation is a really hard problem to treat.

So keep your lids on your bins, and always empty your indoor bins as often as necessary. Keep the outside of your home as clean as possible, and dispose of all food properly to avoid attracting any pests.


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