Steps To Prevent Mosquitoes Breeding

The joys of a lazy summer in your yard can be cut short by plagues of bloodthirsty mosquitos. Mosquitoes come out of hibernation and embark on a breeding and feeding frenzy. Aside from being irritating, mosquitoes are highly effective at laying eggs.

In her short lifespan of a few weeks, a female mosquito can lay up to 3,000 eggs. Such statistics are worrying; luckily, there are ways you can stop mosquitoes from breeding in your yard.

Stop Mosquitoes From BreedingDrain-All Stagnant Water

Still-waters make ideal breeding grounds for adult mosquitoes and support the growth of larvae. Ensure you drain or treat all stagnant sources of water. These water sources don’t have to be deep. Half an inch of water is all mosquitoes need to breed in your yard.

Eliminate water in potted plant saucers, puddles, yard ornaments, clogged gutters and any other objects that collect water when it rains.

Get rid of garbage and de-clutter

Many people store items they rarely or never use in their yards. Items such as spare parts, old teapots, stoves, furniture and other similar items make your yard unsightly over time. Such objects create ideal hiding spots for mosquitoes.

Other items such as old tires also collect rainwater or surface runoff, providing ideal mosquito breeding conditions. You can recycle, donate or repurpose some of these items. Such measures eliminate hiding and breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Collecting litter is also a step in the right direction.

Keep A Trim Lawn And Hedge

Tall blades of grass and unkempt shrubs make a perfect hiding spot for mosquitoes. Keeping your grass short or 5 inches maximum length is one way you can prevent mosquitoes from converging. If you can’t clear out the grass for whatever reason, you should consider keeping your activities away from the area.

Plant Mosquito Repellant Herbs

Plants such as basil, pennyroyal, marigold and lavender have mosquito repellant qualities. You should temper your expectations as to the effectiveness of this method. Nonetheless, many people prefer this greener option as opposed to fogging out mosquitoes.

how to prevent Mosquitoes From BreedingThese plants will keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Thus, they will have to go breed elsewhere. Ensure to check on the aspects like sunlight requirements, soil, hardiness and other factors vital to the growth the plants before planting them. It is also a good idea to use this method with other methods as a collective strategy.

Insect Zappers and magnets

Mosquito zappers or magnets are devices that kill mosquitoes and other insects on contact. Such a technique helps you address the problem posed by the current population of mosquitoes. These devices are ideal for activity areas like a pool, barbeque area or swimming pool.

Magnets use CO2 to attract and trap mosquitoes until they die. Rackets and zappers, on the other hand, kill mosquitoes when they encounter the electric current.


These are the ways you can stop mosquitoes from breeding in your yard. One thing what is evident it’s that completely stopping mosquitoes from breeding is nearly impossible. However, using a combination of strategies can help you eliminate the current generation and disrupt a breeding cycle.


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