Spring Cleaning To Banish Pests

It’s nearly time for the gloomy skies to disappear, and the glorious weather to prevail once again. Spring is almost upon us, and with Spring comes spring cleaning!

Dust and dirt around your home can support an eco-system of bugs and bacteria. When you’re spring cleaning, it’s really important to get into all the cracks and crevices. This helps to eliminate any pests that may be lurking.

Wash all of your linens on a hot wash and tumble dry them to kill bed bugs and dust mites. It’s best to take all of your curtains and soft furnishings to the dry cleaners. Or give them a good steam clean. Beating the dust out of rugs will rid them of fleas and flea eggs, which is super important if you have pets.

Any dead flies you spot around your home need to be removed immediately. This is because they make a great snack for carpet beetles. When hoovering, get right up to the skirting board and move all the furniture to make sure every area of the carpet is cleaned.


Cockroaches are more likely to be found in the kitchen, where it’s more humid and tends to be warmer than the rest of the house. These nasty pests can live off one crumb for weeks, so make sure you pull out your cooker and fridge and give everything a really good scrub.

If you find a wasps nest, it’s best to leave it alone for the time being. It will be plugging a gap, and the queen will have left to hibernate. The workers will have died over the winter and the queen will not return to the same nest. Call in the experts to have the nest removed properly.


These insects can be a huge problem in the home, not only because they’re fearsome but also because they create cobwebs. The wall cracks and corners in your home is the perfect place for a spider to weave their web. It’s a better solution to keep spiders out of your home altogether, so eliminating their food source is the way to go. Stopping flies from entering your home will prevent the spiders from following them in too.

Spring cleaning your home thoroughly will make sure you’re not at the mercy of pests for the rest of the year.


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