Spring Clean Your Pests

As we settle into March, the days get a little longer, a little warmer and the sunshine starts peeking through the gaps in the clouds. With spring fast approaching, it is only natural for our minds to start wandering towards the annual spring clean.

With the change in temperature and the weather improving, you will notice the trees and flowers start coming back to life, and that means the insects will be next! Spiders, ants, moths, bees and wasps are all common pests to make their way into your homes in the spring time. They needn’t be a nuisance but just in case, Pest Control London are on hand to help.

Help Eliminate Pests

Studies have shown that the annual spring clean can help deter pests in the long run, as you will be much more organised and on top of issues in your home that may attract pests in the future. If you are aware of cracks and crevices, it is important to seal these to prevent spiders, insects and even mice from entering your home.

Avoid storing items on the floor, and store in plastic containers, where possible. Reduce sources of moisture that many pests rely on to survive. Fix that leaky tap; don’t allow standing water in your garden. Remove food sources; ensure your bins are clean, floors are swept and treat your wooden items to prevent certain insects from feasting on them. De-clutter to the max, the less hiding places in your home for insects, the better.

Stay Organised

Once you have completed your spring clean, it is easy to stay on top of household chores that will reduce the risk of pests invading your home.

  • Vacuum regularly to remove the debris that the eye cannot see, but pests will love
  • Clean your cupboards every few months to ensure there are no spillages or old food items lying around
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight
  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces as soon as you have used them

Despite our bests efforts, and no matter how clean our homes are, there will always be a way for pests to infiltrate our homes and lives, uninvited. Should you have a pest control issue in London, then please give us a call. Our experienced and trained technicians will survey your property and suggest a treatment plan to ensure your home is all yours again,  in no time at all.

For more information, please contact us on 0800 772 3262 today.


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