Spotlight On: Foxes

Are we confident that we know everything we need to know about certain pests in this day and age? At Pest Control in London, we have put together some interesting facts you may not have known about foxes. Click here to read more about our services.

  • The most common fox is the red fox
  • Foxes exist everywhere apart from Antarctica
  • Not many people know what a fox sounds like, its scream is frightening

  • Foxes are from the family of dogs and wolves
  • Most foxes hunt solo, rather than in packs, with companions or family. This is why the fox species is commonly known as sly, as they will stalk their prey instead of alerting them to their presence and then pounce. They are natural hunters
  • After being born, it takes over a week before a fox opens its eyes. Before that point, it is blind and also deaf
  • Foxes have a lot of similarities to cats, even though they are from the dog family. They have vertical eyes to help them see at night, claws to help them climb, the same delicate walk and pounce and are more active during the night. They also have whiskers and similar tongues, too!
  • Foxes are not fussy eaters at all. They will eat anything from fruit and vegetables to spiders, birds and mice. They are natural scavengers and you are quite likely to find foxes rummaging through rubbish left outside, or bins for food.
  • Foxes do present danger of disease to a certain degree. They are common carriers of rabies, fleas and ticks. They can also transmit the disease toxocariasis; a parasite disease which can cause blindness following contamination and also manage disease
  • There have been some recorded incidents involving foxes attacking small children in their own homes

london urban fox sleeping

If you think you may be suffering from an influx of foxes, call Pest Control in London now, to see how we can help or advise you.


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