About Pest Exterminators

24/7 availability, Criminal record checks, Covering all areas of London.

At Pest Exterminators, we do our best to provide a professional and safe pest control service in London and the Home Counties, for all of our customers.

Our pest control services are available for enquiry or action 24/7, without exception. Our friendly and experienced team can talk you through your pest problem, as well as a treatment programme or free survey. So, no matter the extent of your pest problem, we can help.

Pest Exterminators’ services cover a range of pests including rats, wasps, moths and other insects, and larger pests. This isn’t the end of the road for us though, as we also ensure total customer satisfaction by tailoring our services to your specific pest problem. We provide one-off treatments and long-term contracts for both residential and commercial properties, for optimal results.

In order to ensure total security and peace of mind, we also carry out Criminal Record Checks on all of our staff, so you can rest assured that you are leaving your home or business property in safe and good hands.

For added peace of mind, our qualified technicians also carry ID cards consisting of photographic ID, as well as a phone number to confirm they are who they say they are.

Here at Pest Exterminators, we make customer satisfaction a number one priority. That is why we always ensure our customers feel safe, comfortable and secure with the measures we carry out, as well as our friendly team of specialists.

Residential Pest Control

Peace of mind for your home and garden
Here at Pest Exterminators, we have extensive experience in dealing with a wide scope of pests, from bed bugs to squirrels and everything in between.

Not only do we focus on quality and precision in all that we do, but we ensure our service is both friendly and professional, whether you are awaiting treatment or just querying about what we can do for you.

Pests can be extremely detrimental to a property, making residential pest control a must if your building is suffering as a result of pest-related damage. With our knowledge and expertise, we can eliminate your pest problem, as well as provide you with advice and support throughout and following the extermination or removal process.

In addition to the potential damage caused to the body of a property, pests can also be harmful to the health of the inhabitants. Symptoms can range from mild to severe (in cases of allergic reactions), but whatever the severity of your symptoms, we will treat every case as unique, by tailoring our services to your specific needs.

Our team of specialists are not only helpful and polite; they have all been CRB checked too, for your peace of mind.

So, if you would like to know more about residential pest control services, please get in touch today for more information. Alternatively, you can browse our site for details regarding what types of pests we specialise in, or our blog for advice and handy information. We look forward to hearing from you.


Commercial Pest Control

Solutions for a pest free workplace
Here at Pest Control in London, we recognise the importance of maintaining a happy and healthy commercial environment. Though, no matter how hard you try to uphold an adequate level of hygiene, unwelcome intruders will always be on the prowl.

That is why we offer a variety of commercial pest control services in London, designed to create a pleasant, pest-free office or commercial establishment.

Why you need commercial pest control in London?

No matter what pest problem you may be suffering from, all can pose potential dangers to health and the structural integrity of your property. Not only this, but your business could suffer a blow in reputation, which is why we ensure we carry out appropriate pest control measures quickly and efficiently.

With our services come tailored treatment plans that take into account your specifications and the details of your pest problem; these are made through contractual agreements to ensure pest removal and pest management are performed at optimal levels.

As for our team of experts, they are both qualified and experienced in the field of common and acute pest problems.

Our pest control technicians also maintain a professional, positive and friendly manner to ensure your business feels right at home with us as a company.

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