Rodent Infestation Horror Stories

There are plenty of rodent infestation horror stories in the press. You only need to make a quick search online to find a multitude of horrible and frankly disgusting stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or the winter, rodent infestation horror stories are good fodder for the media.

With this in mind, we felt it necessary to highlight some of the more recent and alarming cases of rodent infestations across the UK and beyond. Greater London and surrounding areas are often mentioned in these horror stories, but you can also find concerning cases of rodent infestations further afield. Regardless of the location, these stories often have the same recurring themes at their core: mismanagement and a lack of awareness of the issue.

The 4 Foot Rat


You may or may not have seen the case of the 4 foot long rat that was discovered by a gas engineer near a playground in Hackney Downs. Tony Smith, photographed the rodent being held up by his friend. Needless to say, the photo is shocking and demonstrates just how big rodents can become if left unchecked. Fortunately the rat was found dead by Mr Smith, however it is likely that there were many more 4 foot long rats within the vicinity.

An example such as this demonstrates how large and impactful rats can become if they have a steady and abundant supply of food and shelter available to them. Whether the rat was actually a 4 foot long specimen, as was claimed, is debatable, however, it shows that rats can grow to concerning sizes if the ecosystem provides the key ingredients for rodents to multiply and grow.


The Poison Resistant Rats


london rat babiesIn terms of rodent infestation horror stories, this one is amongst the most concerning examples. Specifically, poison-resistant rats were discovered by a study of sewers by a Swedish pest control company. The tests were randomly conducted in a number of Swedish towns and cities and it was concluded that rats had developed a resistance to standardised rat poisons. The assessment outlined that rats had adapted to the poisons after been exposed to other chemicals in the environment.

This case serves as an example of how rodents, and rats in particular, can adapt quickly. Whilst poisons remain one of the most effective methods of neutralizing pests, it is not always the most suitable. Any pest control company will deploy a number of methods to handle rodent infestations, and they will be aware that poisons may not be as effective.

Despite this case been reported in Sweden, it has been discovered that poison-resistant rats are living in the UK and across the rest of Europe. This development is concerning as it demonstrates that the prevalence and spread of rats who are resistant, is widespread. Rats can quickly multiply and any genetic immunity can be easily passed to infants.


The Poundworld Rodents

If you think rodent infestation horror stories are limited to the sewers and public spaces of urban areas, you would be mistaken. Earlier this year, it was reported that a branch of Poundworld in Croydon, South London was involved in a serious rodent infestation. The company was fined £1.2 million pounds by Croydon Council after mouse urine and droppings were discovered next to food products. Furthermore, it was discovered that food packaging had been gnawed on by the mice, only to be re-sealed by staff members and placed back onto shelves for sale to the public.

Even though rats are often seem as the main source of infestation in urban areas such as London, mice can be just as problematic. In much the same rats can be a health risk, mice are often to blame for gnawing on food products and leaving environments in an unsafe state.

Key Points

As mentioned, these horror stories have common themes which links them together. If left in environments which provide enough food and shelter, rodents will inevitable multiply and adapt. It is simply not enough to rely on common pest control techniques to address the problem. Managing the local environment is equally effective when fighting infestations and more often than not, this is overlooked by both residential and commercial properties.

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