Why You Should Remove Garden Clutter

Your garden is a safe haven for some insects. It provides shelter, food and a great place to breed. Some insects you don’t want in your garden, such as pests, can cause a lot of damage. Pests love to hide undetected, and having a cluttered garden will make it even easier for them to gain shelter.

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Any place a pest can tuck itself into, is a potential infestation and breeding spot. If you’re providing these spots for pests in your garden, you’re going to have an infestation on your hands in no time. If you can’t provide what they need to survive (which is the goal) they will move on to somewhere else that will.

There are a few things that you can be mindful of in your garden to help deter pests that damage your garden.

Cleanliness And Tidiness

Dirty, messy areas of your garden will attract all sorts of pests, including rodents and foxes. All pests want to search for cover and food as a means of survival. Therefore, it’s best to try and keep all clutter to a minimum. Stop them making your garden their home in the first place, and make your garden less attractive to pests to stop a pest problem becoming out of control.

  • Move the clutter away from your house – Any loose rocks, bricks or wood that may have piled up, get rid of it. Move any firewood or woody materials away from the sides of your house (pests love to hide in wood stores!). Stack them as far away from your home as possible if you want to keep them. Really do a good clean of the garden. And throw away all the rubbish and clutter that you can. Anywhere a pest could make a home should be removed.
  • Get rid of all standing water – Repair that leaking hose, and get rid of that stagnant water from the watering can. Depriving pests a water source will stop them from wanting to live in your garden.
  • Now move on to the inside of your home – Now that outside is handled, move inside. Declutter your home to stop pests invading your home as well.

Once you declutter your life, the pests will stop pestering you as well.


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