Protect Spring Picnics From Pests

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to get the picnic basket out, get out of London, and plan some great family picnics together. With the new season here, the spring time pests are starting to wake up, and it’s a prime time for pests of all sorts. They will be hungry, and you’re picnic could be the perfect feast.

Here are a few tips for protecting your picnic from pests…

pest free london picnic spot

  • Pick the perfect spot – Don’t just opt for the location because it’s close to you. Try to pick the perfect spot, somewhere that’s away from open water, and shaded from direct sunlight. You also want to try and avoid sitting near flowerbeds. Bugs love the flowers and will definitely try to fly out to eat your food.
  • Pick the perfect outfit – Even though it may be getting warmer, you still need to cover up. Insects will want to nibble on you as well as your food, so keep your legs and arms covered as much as possible. Remember you’re in the insects’ habitat, so respect their space.
  • Pick out a great table – Try and pick out a place that has picnic tables. It’s much better than dining on the grass! This helps you avoid the insects waiting for you in the grass, and you’ll be much more comfortable.
  • Pick out some great Tupperware – Storing your food properly is essential to keep pests away. Pack all of your food in your picnic hamper in plastic, sealed tubs. Or wrap everything in foil and cling film to keep it protected and insect free. The last thing you want is to bite into your sandwich and eat an ant or any other pest! After you’ve finished eating, make sure you pick up all litter and spilt foods. This helps people who may want to picnic in the same area in the future, as pests won’t be attracted to the spot you’ve just left.
  • Pick out an unscented lotion – Wearing a highly scented lotion or perfume will attract the insects to you. So try to avoid wearing them as much as possible if you know that you will be dining alfresco.


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