Are Pests Starting To Come Indoors?

We’ve had a pretty mild winter this year, and spring is looking lovely too. Let’s look forward to a great, warm summer!

In winter, pests usually find a place to hide when the temperatures start to drop, and the frost sets in. This is one of the biggest reasons that pests tend to come inside during the autumn months, to find protection against the cold.

car outside a london home

Because we’ve had such a mild winter, the temperature hasn’t dipped way down like it normally does. This is another reason you may have found pests entering your London home or business.

Another big reason you may have found pests in your home is food. In winter, food is really hard to come by for pests, so in the spring they become desperate. This will have them exploring your home, garden, walls and garages for any scrap of food they can find.

The most common spring pests

Three of the most notorious pests that tend to make their way indoors are ants, cockroaches, and rodents. These are the most typical winter pests. They will find it really easy to find something to eat inside your home if you’re not careful. Pests can live on a huge selection of different foods, including the food that you, your family and your pets eat.

Once pests get into your home, they won’t find a reason to leave again if the going’s good! Most London homes are a great environment for pests to thrive in for any sort of pest infestation, and they will make your home theirs too.

If you’re seeing pests around your home, you can bet they are going to become more abundant as the weather gets warmer. Because they haven’t spent much time hibernating this winter because it’s been so mild, the pests have come out to play a bit earlier.

To get protection from spring pests, and for pest prevention all year round, ask for a little help from the friendly experts here at Exterminators Pest Control. All of our technicians are fully trained in the habits of London’s most common pests, and have the skills to exterminate them quickly and effectively.

We’ll get them out, and keep them out all year long.


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