Types of pests and control measures

Pests cause various hazards to all living things. To bring back the pest-free healthy environment some control methods must take as an immediate step.

Types of pests and its control measures

Before to take the control methods or prevention methods you should analyse pests and its varieties. So, you can easily find out the prevention and treatment for pests.

Understand how to specify pests, clearly, study their habits and take common steps to control them.

Types of Pests in common House

The pests are categorized as

  1. Bed Bugs  

Bugs are commonly found in beds. If you missed treating this, you must handle some 1000 bed bugs within a month. It can easily spread their existence.

Detecting the bed bugs are critical issues and this small creature will continuously disturb you in sleeping hours and make you feel more pressure and stress.

Cause: viral infections 

  1. Cockroaches 

Usually, cockroaches make their entry to your homes to find food for them. They can easily enter your home through the basement area and live mostly in the bathroom area, kitchens, plumbing regions, and basements.

Mostly during raining days for seeking warmth and comfort, they prefer your home for their life. Both male and female cockroaches develop their wings. You can notice cockroaches start fly if you strap them.

Cause: Skin Allergy, Asthma, cholera, diarrhoea  

  1. Spiders  

Spiders are the common pests available in most of the homes. Uncleaned windows, cracks in furniture, screens are the possible exception of a spider. The spider enters your home for warmness and food. Spiders also make their way to your house through plants in the terrace, firewood’s, and other items stored in the basement area.

how to get rid of spiders

Spiders are classified as Black widow spider, Crab spiders, cellar spider, Ground spider web spider, yellow sac spider.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are common as flies they can easily make their entry through open doors windows usually lives in dark and hidden areas like the backside of your screen’s cloths, under sinks. At night all come out to search for food obviously for ” animal blood”.

Mosquitoes mostly breed in layer water, if your resistance is nearby of ponds, wells, or rainwater mud, then it will be risky.

Cause: Malarial infections

  1. Fruit Flies 

Fruit flies make their entry with the presence of ripped fruits, rotten vegetables, and decayed food items. They also overrun with wine and liquor.  They breed and develop their lives in garbage disposal, trashes and buckets.

Cause: Bacterial infection  

Control and Prevention

To make your home and environmental peaceful you should follow this prevention method

  • Organic control measures

When it comes to control measures most of the people prefer organic method of pest control to prevent other animals and plants from the damage. The products used in the organic pest controls are oil spays, parasitism, floating covers, insecticidal soap, etc.

  • Biological control measures

This method is mostly practised in green houses and biological control measure does not harm any humans in the field. This method is chemical-free process and it is safe for your environment and family.

  • Hygiene control measure

This method is like an awareness and precautions. To make your place and environment you should first keep your living place clean and neat. Keep your foods in a closed lid and empty the trashes.


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