How To Pest Proof Your Garden

We all love our gardens. It’s so peaceful to plant flowers. Then the joy of siting outside and take in all of our hard work. Pests can wreak a lot of havoc in our gardens. And damage all of the time and care you’ve put into it.

There are many ways of pest proofing your garden to prevent wildlife from damaging it.

Here are a few:

  1. Make your garden less attractive De-clutter your whole garden to eliminate the hiding and nesting areas pests could use. This includes mowing your lawn (pests love long grass!).
  2. Seal off your decking – If you have a porch or decking, you need to make sure all access to below it is sealed off.
  3. Minimise food sources – Bird seed should be kept up high, and in squirrel proof holders. Don’t feed your pets outside, and get rid of all standing water.
  4. Call in the professionals – Having us here at Pest Exterminators based in London can help you pest proof your garden, or exterminate an existing pest problem you may have.
  5. Use some repellents – Scent repellents can be used to deter pests from your garden. Using garlic, castor oil and predator urine are effective temporary solutions to stop pests from attacking your plants. Other natural repellents are hot peppers because pests usually don’t like to eat anything spicy.
  6. Scare devices – Many people use visual and audible scare devices in their garden to repel animals like pigeons. The effectiveness of these kinds of devices can lessen over time. This is because the pests get used to them, so you need to keep changing your pest prevention strategies.
  7. Utilise your pets – Dogs and cats are brilliant at keeping furry pests away from your garden. Cats are especially good at catching rodents. Because of this, many pests will stay away from your property if they know a dog is around.
  8. Put up some fencing – Making sure pests can’t enter your garden in the first place is a great step in stopping them damaging your plants. Therefore, a fence can be put up and taken down as is needed, and provides a lot of protection for your garden against pests.


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