Pest Control Hanover Square

Pest Control Hanover Square

24/7 Local Experts For Fast Response

If you have a pest problem and you are located in or around Hanover Square we are here to help.

Pest Exterminators are more than happy to help you with whatever needs you have for 24 hour pest control Hanover Square. We have a fully experienced and highly qualified team of technicians that can effectively and efficiently remove and manage pests found at your property in Hanover Square. One of the main things that makes our services so special is that they are tailor-made with the needs of you, the customer, fully in mind. We take each new case of pest infestation as a completely unique job, and will deal with it for you as quickly as we can. As a leading name in the industry we promise a trustworthy service you can rely on, whether you are a commercial or residential customer. As part of our services, you will receive a full site survey, free of charge.


Fast and Local Pest Control Hanover Square

Exterminators Pest Control Hanover Square know the Hanover Square area very well and are therefore able to deliver a fast and efficient service to you and your property. Our pest technicians have experience dealing with a wide and varied range of pest infestations and alongside the treatments and eradication we provide, we will also educate you on things you can do to stop pests being a problem for your residential or commercial property in the future.

The pest control services in Hanover Square we offer help to make us stand out from the sea of other pest control and removal teams. This has a lot to do with the fact we offer humane and eco-friendly pest eradication methods and techniques, when it is possible.

Another aspect of the services offered by our Hanover Square team that make us a cut above the rest, is our extremely affordable prices. This again is due to the level of experience and knowledge we bring to the table.

You have the option of booking our pest control Hanover Square services as emergencies or one-hour time slots, if our expertise is not required immediately. As we know that your time is valuable, often very literally if you are a business owner, we want to ensure that our services are as convenient for you, our customers, as possible so we will always work around your schedule as best we can.


Nothing is More Important Than Safety

A key aspect of our work here at Pest Exterminators is safety. It is our goal to use only the safest pest removal and control methods and products that we can. Our pest control treatments in Hanover Square, therefore, are fully compliant with the following regulations and rules – the Food and Environmental Act 1985, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Control of Pesticides 1986 and the Health and Safety Act 1974. Along with compliance to these rules and regulations we also have full liability insurance coverage.

Furthermore, our technicians are not only highly trained, but are fully vetted too. So, you know that you will not only get a professional and qualified service, but one that is completely safe too.


Pest Control Hanover Square Contracts Designed Specifically for Businesses

We also offer pest control contracts for our business clients here at Pest Exterminators that ensure you have access to a high-quality, and continuous, pest removal and control solution. These contracts are designed to cover the removal and control of such pests as wasps, pigeons, bed bugs, foxes, rats, mice, cockroaches and many more. If you are in any doubt if we cover a particular pest or not, ask.

Why have a pest control contract in Hanover Square for your business property? It will ensure that you are compliant with all UK business laws and can help you avoid having to pay expensive fines and charges. As these contracts are set at a fixed price, you won’t have to keep paying for one-off treatments and are therefore fully covered for a specific period of time. Anything that you need extra, whether it’s a treatment or technician with special equipment, can be added to your contract at a discounted rate. If you want to avoid a loss in reputation, revenue or damages to your property caused by pests, please consider our Hanover Square services.

Remember that all our contracts come with a free site survey as standard and also include free emergency call-outs. Give Exterminators Pest Control a call on 0800 772 3262 or use our contact page at any time of day or night to see how we can help you.