Pest Control for Warehouses

Pest control services, whether in London or further afield, are not just limited to flats and houses.cockroach infestation in london home

Commercial properties can also benefit from these services, especially when you consider how often they are used and, in some cases, neglected.

Because of the latter, an infestation can occur anywhere, due to leftover waste and structural damage, which provides an entry for all kinds of pests.

One such property that can suffer from a pest infestation is a warehouse.

Though usually reserved for storage purposes, warehouses are still prone to swarms.

So, to raise awareness, in today’s post we will list a few pests your warehouse may be suffering from, and why they may have targeted your warehouse.


Rodents, like mice and rats, are a particular risk for warehouses storing edible items.

They can cause significant damage, not just to the products themselves, but also to the facility, by making nests and chewing through any wires.

fox removal


Though arguably not as common as rodents, foxes do make a habit of entering properties uninvited.

Like rodents, they can cause damage to merchandise, and if an infestation occurs, they can be hard to get rid of without professional help.


Often a homeowner’s worst nightmare, cockroaches are equally a risk in warehouses and can multiply quickly, escalating into a much larger problem in quite a short amount of time.

Plus, as warehouses tend to host less human traffic than say, an office, cockroaches have the perfect environment to populate.

These are just three pests you may see in a warehouse.


Luckily though, with specialist advice and expert help, an infestation can be stopped in its tracks and eliminated.

If, however, your warehouse shows no obvious signs of a swarm, it is still advisable to invest in routine pest control checks, to keep you and your goods safe from harm.

Here at Pest Control in London, we have experience in dealing with all three of these pests and more.

So if you have an invasion of pests in your warehouse, we can help you every step of the way; from enquiry to treatment, and follow-ups to ensure optimal health and safety after the pests have been removed.

For more information on what we can do for you, please feel free to get in touch today on our 24/7 line.

Alternatively, you can browse our site to see what pests we specialise in, or our blog for handy tips, tricks and more information.


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