Pest Control for Safer Schools

As a school, you have an obligation to keep your students safe at all times.pest control in schools

And part of this responsibility means ensuring sanitation, property structure stability and the like are all kept up to scratch.

However, sometimes circumstances can be unavoidable, especially when it comes to pests.

With summer on its way and spring in full swing, now is the ideal time to have a pest control expert examine the property and identify any insect nests.

That isn’t all though, as nests can also form outside, as well as inside, which is why it is so important for a full check to be carried out for the safety of your students.

With insects making a habit of buzzing around the field and occasionally entering classrooms anyhow, how much safer will it be for your students? Let’s find out.

Allergies to Strings and Bites

For those who have known allergies to stings or bites, ensuring there isn’t a wasp, hornet, or any other type of insect nest inside the property is critical.

Not only will it give both parents and teachers peace of mind, but it will also significantly diminish the risk of a student suffering an allergic reaction, by helping to remove the danger altogether.

Structural Damage to the School

Some insects can cause severe structural damage to the property, which can deem certain areas unsafe if the problem goes unseen.

Unfortunately, this will also result in costly repairs for the school, making it a lose-lose situation in terms of both safety and finances.

So, if you suspect you may have a nest in your school because of an influx of insects buzzing around, get in touch with, we cover all over London and surrounding areas.

Reduced Productivity

Understandably, having insects flying around a classroom can be distracting and may be harmful to classroom-wide productivity.

This is something that can be avoided simply by bringing in a specialist if you suspect there may be a nest somewhere in the property.

Of course, if you’re unsure, you can read up on the signs and triggers to help you identify and avoid an insect nest in the future.

So, if you think you may have a nest in your school, please get in touch today or see our website for more information on the insect in question.

Aim to keep your students safe and productive during term time.


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