Of Mice and Mint

Are you finding that mice are a frequent problem in your house and around your property?

These little freeloaders love finding a nice corner of your attic to call home and then sneak down to the kitchen at all hours to grab a bite to eat out of your leftovers and stored foods.

Looking for a way to get rid of them without resorting to pesticides? Not to worry, we’ve got a whole story on how to get rid of London mice, with a particular focus on their reaction to mint, so hopefully, you’ll find something to work within this post.

Firstly, mint, in general, is thought to be a deterrent to mice. The smell (as I’m sure you know already) is extremely strong and it overwhelms their senses so that they will scurry away as fast as their little legs can take them.


If you are looking to keep them out of your shed, it’s a great idea to plant a thick patch of mint as close to the site as possible, as it’ll keep those pesky rodents out. If you want a stronger option, try spearmint, as that’s supposed to be terrible to mice, so they won’t come near your home.


If you need to put mint in places in which you can’t plant it, try dried mint leaves or mint extract on a cotton wool ball that you either shove in a corner of your cupboard or rub onto your door frames, etc.


It is thought that mice are allergic to peppermint specifically, but not the extract. There is still some debate over whether or not the extract is at all helpful.


When it comes to this option in repelling mice, make sure you are diligent. Ensure that your mint plants continue to thrive and that if you use the cotton ball option, you replenish it regularly.


Natural mice repellent can definitely help you get these rodents out of your home as long as you are careful in applying it, and you are careful to combine it with other good habits such as cleaning up food, clutter, etc.

The mint will serve as the final “get out” signal that they need to go and find a home in your neighbour’s house, assuming you do this correctly. Your house will smell really fresh too, which is a great bonus. If the problem still persists, a professional mice control company in London will advise you on what steps to take next.


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