Not So Cute: UK Squirrels Problems

In movies, squirrels are adorable little woodland creatures that talk to other animals and generally make you laugh. In real life, however, they are not so sweet and definitely are a problem for modern homeowners in the UK.

There are all sorts of problems that they can cause, whether you have squirrels in the loft or in the shed. As such, squirrel control in London has become pretty specific and sophisticated in order to make sure that homeowners can enjoy a squirrel free home. Take a look for yourself at just a few of the problems they can cause to a property…

Ripping insulation

Insulation is a critical “must have” in your home, and of course, it is often hard to replace, too. If a squirrel gets into your attic or loft, odds are that it will rip up your insulation to make sure that it has enough “must haves” for its nest. While they often go for string and other necessities, insulation tends to be their favourite nest material out of all the things they can ruin in your home.


Destroying wiring

This is a serious problem. Wiring can be hard to replace without a major construction project and these little pests can go through it quicker than you believe. The main reason is that the wire is in their way and they need appropriate room in order to do their nesting and other squirrel duties. The important point here though is that damage to electrical wiring can pose a serious fire risk,


Giving your home an odour

If you have squirrels living in your loft long term and in larger numbers than just one or two, an odour can make its way into your home. This is even worse if a squirrel dies while in between your walls or in your loft. An unfortunate topic, maybe, but it does happen from time to time, making it even more vital to call in squirrel pest control specialists.


No matter which issue sounds worse, all of these concerns can be really serious problems to both you and your home, and you should either report a pest problem or call in a professional. As such, squirrel pest control is something you need to think about in order to maintain your safety and keep your property pest free from these potentially dangerous animals. We understand that you may not be able to deal with them yourself, so feel free to check out our squirrel control page and talk to us to see what your options are.


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