Natural Rat Repellents

Rats are a grim experience when they get into your property and then make a home there for themselves, meaning that you are forced to live alongside them in a way that is disgusting to most of us.

While a few can live alongside rats and not really be worried when they are running around in the basement or garage, but most of us find it unacceptable if we see one scampering out of sight in the early morning.

If you’re like most people with a rat problem, you’ve tried and have researched all the different kinds of repellents, but haven’t found the perfect rat control solution to fixing the issue that works with your personal needs.

If you are looking to find some effective natural options, here is the FYI on all the main methods, the ones that seem to have been researched the most.

  • Peppermint

This seems to have both good and bad effects on rats. Some swear that it works as a deterrent when it is regularly applied inside the home and on the property borders, but others are finding that rats and mice are actually attracted to the smell of it, causing more to flock towards the house than there were in the first place. Although many people swear by peppermint oil, you can see how these reports are the exact opposite of what most people are expecting.

  • Mothballs

This is a trick that seems to be the most surprising when it comes to preventing rats and mice gathering on the property. It is not an option that many people think of, because we normally think about mothballs only in their role in keeping moths at bay and stop our clothing from being eaten. Rats and mice don’t like the smell of mothballs though, making it successful in that situation too.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

This is an unusual option that has been shown to be very effective in recent studies. Applying the oil to repel rats has given some great initial results in research conditions, offering hope for long term preventative effects in household situations. It could very well be the future of rat and mouse repellent.

Brown rats are common problems, but there are many rat control options out there that are full of dangerous chemicals, so for the eco-minded, this post highlights just a few of the natural alternatives that exist and are useful in real life situations.


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