Natural Pest Control Methods

Natural Pest Control Methods To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Controlling or eliminating Cockroaches requires more than spraying insecticides or laying down some bait, chalk or dust. These annoying insects have a way of getting into everything and multiply rapidly. The fact that cockroaches can survive months without food and up to 2 weeks without water compounds the issue further.

Luckily, there are natural pest control methods that you can use to get rid of cockroaches. Following the cockroach management program can give you a less toxic and cockroach free home.

Preventative Measures

natural pest control tips for cockroachesThe first step is eliminating the things that attract cockroaches to your home. Such things include water, food and ideal hiding spots. Pest control methods fail because they fail to address what attracts and sustains cockroach infestations.

  • Removing potential food sources is the firsts step. Ensure your kitchen is sanitized. Keep all your utensils, floors, and other kitchen surfaces are as spotless as possible. Keeping all your food in sealed containers is a wise idea and also keeping your rubbish bin covered and clean will also starve the insects
  • Eliminating all water source that cockroaches can access is also vital in winning this war. Fixing sweaty and leaky plumbing will deny these insects of their primary water source. Other steps you can take include; plugging drains when not in use, cleaning refrigerator drip trays and storing dish sponges in airtight containers.
  • Sealing off hiding places like cracks and other small, dark spaces will deny cockroaches a haven. Eliminating such hiding places will force these insects to come out in the open where you can squish them on sight. You can use a caulking gun to seal such cracks and crevices.

Use Natural Baits Around The Home

Natural bait is an essential part of getting rid of cockroaches. Below are some everyday household products that you can use as bait;

Boric acid bait is cheap to create, and cockroaches are unable to resist the allure. Mix 3 teaspoons of boric acid with a teaspoon of peanut butter or olive oil until you have a doughy consistency. Place button-sized chunks of this mixture around your home. For best results, repeat the process weekly until you stop seeing the insects.

how to get rid of cockroachesFood-grade diatomaceous earth is another cost-effective alternative to boric acid. This compound is also useful in dealing with many soft-bodied pests, including flees. Sprinkle a fine layer of this powder with a keen emphasis on space beneath electronics and furniture. It would also be wise to douse wall sockets, windowsills and other entry points.

Sticky tape and other adhesive traps can also be set up all over the home. Such traps give you an idea of the effectiveness of your pest control program as well as entry points. Handle sticky traps with care, for best results set them up at nighttime.

Keep Score

Depending on the scale of your infestation, these natural methods can take a few weeks or months to eradicate all cockroaches. Cockroach infestations are not problems that can’t be solved overnight. Keep a keen eye on the areas like, under toilets, inside cabinets, beneath electronics and any areas you may have noted high traffic of cockroaches. Continuously monitor the glue traps until no new cockroaches can be found.


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