Why Are Moths Attracted To Light?

Many of us experience moths in our homes on a regular basis, especially during the warmer months when we leave windows and doors open. We know that leaving a light on and a door open will attract moths. Yet we still do it because it’s hot and it’s nice to have some fresh air.

Moths can turn out to be a big problem and are mainly nocturnal so you might not even notice you have them. If left undetected, they will damage textiles, fabrics, carpets, woollen garments, upholstery and food.

The larvae of a moth will cause the most damage, as they feed on fibres. Woollen fibres are most commonly attacked. But items made from hair or feathers are also very attractive for moths. The finer the hair the better for moths. Worn and unwashed garments are the best for a moth larvae. This is because the dirt will add nutrients to the fabric fibres, making a tasty meal.

The best way to control and prevent moths is to clean carefully and regularly. Pulling out furniture and vacuuming behind and beneath them is a must. With woollen garments, try to store them inside clean draws, and even put them in plastic bags.

Any other items that may be infested with moths can be treated with heat, much like bed bugs. More expensive items will have to be fumigated properly in order to kill the moths at all stages of life. A serious infestation can cause a lot of damage. Therefore it’s best to get the help of a professional pest control expert in London if you think you have a problem with moths.

Facts About Moths

  • Moths will use the moon to navigate but will become confused by artificial light. This is why we always find them fluttering around our lights – because they’re trying to figure out where the moon should be.
  • A female moth lays between 60 and 300 eggs.
  • Moths look powdery, but they’re not. They actually have thousands of tiny scales.
  • They hear sounds through their wings, just like butterflies.
  • The fastest moth in the world can reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour.


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